Workout Music for Generation Alpha: 2010 - present

For those who are 5 or younger, this is the ultimate playlist for playtime. We’ve got a little something for every boy and girl, from the now-iconic song ‘Let It Go’ from Disney’s Frozen to the historical classic ‘Hot Potato’ by The Wiggles.

Here are a couple of ideas on how to help kids get rid of the fidgets while listening to this playlist:

  • Have a dance-off! You can either do kids vs. parents if there’s someone else around to be the judge, or you could have mum vs. dad or kids vs. kids.
  • Why not create your kids an obstacle course in the backyard? You could have them crawl under a net, hop through some old tyres, and do star jumps on the trampoline?

Workout Music for Generation Z: 1995 - 2009

Generation Z are those of 5-20 years old, and they represent the most current music in the charts today. For this generation, our playlist has a range of different styles from The Black Eyed Peas to Galantis. Those from Generation Y are also likely to enjoy these songs, but primarily they are the coveted sounds listened to by the teens of the world.

Some great exercising options for those in Generation Z include:

  • Hit the gym for an exercise class. Whether it’s weight lifting, body pump or jazzercise, classes at the gym or local community centre can be a great way to meet new people and have some fun while still getting exercise.
  • Join a running group. Endorphins that are released by running are an excellent mood-elevator, and running itself is known to be therapeutic for its thinking time.

Workout Music for Generation Y: 1981 - 1994

Those in Generation Y are between 21-34 years old, and are generally making the transition from study to full-time work (or travelling for the lucky ones!). Gen-Y music was characterised by the pop groups of the ‘90s (Backstreet Boys anyone?), and by mainstream R&B music.

For this generation, some exercise options when you want to sweat the day out include:

  • Try out a new type of class. By the time you’re in your 20’s-30’s, odds are high you will have tried a couple of the more traditional exercise classes at the gym. So why not try out something new? Trampoline exercise classes are rising in popularity, as are kettlebell weightlifting sessions, and group cycling classes.
  • Take the stairs. This is so simple, but it’s amazing how many people neglect the stairs in their office/apartment building and just take the lift. If you’re on the 15th floor of a high rise then fair enough, but anything less than 5 floors should be walked at least once or twice a week.

Workout Music for Generation X: 1963 - 1980

Generation X are generally 35-52 years old, and their music growing up was the disco of the 70’s and the rock of the 80’s. In their playlist you’ll find everything from Aussie veterans ACDC to pop group Wham! and riff-heavy Guns N Roses.

If you’re ready to hit the gym with your new tunes, here are some great exercises for Gen-X to try:

  • Planking for core strength and lower back support. Planking wasn’t really a thing back when Gen-X first started hitting the fitness circuit, so many are not in the habit of getting down on their elbows (or hands) and planking it out. But they should be! Planking is excellent for your abdominals, and also really helps to switch on your core muscles.
  • The trampoline isn’t just for the kids. Did you know that bouncing on the trampoline works out nearly every muscle in your body? Why not try adding 10 minutes a day on the trampoline, and just wait til you feel the difference in your fitness level!

Workout Music for Baby Boomers: 1945 - 1962

Baby Boomers are those aged 53-70 years old, which these days is a lot less old than it used to be. Thanks to an increasing awareness of just how much an impact your physical health and fitness has not just to quantity of life but also quality, Baby Boomers today are generally an active and social bunch. We’ve put together a playlist of classics that will have them reminiscing while power walking down the street.

Here are a couple of Baby Boomer exercise options:

  • Aquarobics is the perfect cardio option for this generation. The resistance of the water gives an all-body workout, but the support of the water means that it’s low impact and can be done at whatever speed suits the participant.
  • Why run when you can walk? Walking has significant health benefits, and has the added plus of being super easy with no equipment required! Just strap on some comfy sports shoes and head out the door.

And at last, here’s our bonus Jumping Playlist.

Bonus Playlist: Best Songs to Jump to

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