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Working With Charities Abroad

Two years ago we donated a trampoline to an orphanage in Cambodia.  We were unable to be present when the trampoline was assembled, but the photos we received and the smiles on the children’s faces was priceless  and have never left our memory. This got us to thinking about working with charities abroad again in the future to help others less fortunate.

Our plan is to donate between 8 and 10 trampolines to underprivileged children all over the world each year.  As we are fortunate enough to be frequent visitors to Indonesia (Bali in particular), the decision was made that this would be our first project!
May 31st saw one of our co-owners, Ann-Marie, and staff member Suzi fly over to Bali to spend two weeks visiting orphanages before the trampolines are shipped over in September.  This was a fairly emotional but rewarding experience for both ladies – they met some wonderful people who really do give so much to these children. Both ladies being mums, some stories were heartbreaking to hear, whilst others really were very heart warming.
Working with charities abroad
Food, clothing, shelter and education are the focus for these children, and it was lovely to actually meet the kids and spend some time with them – they were proud to be able to show Ann-Marie and Suzi around the orphanages, their rooms, where they grow the vegetables, the animals they have, and to practise speaking English – that was a lot of fun for the girls, the language barrier often being overcome with a lot of hand gestures and laughs!
After speaking with the heads of each of the orphanages and explaining that Oz Trampolines would very much like to donate a trampoline for the children (and seeing a picture of said trampoline) the responses were always very excited and positive –as one very special lady said: “the children are getting what they need to survive, but this trampoline will be fun for them, this will make them smile!”
We will no doubt have plenty of photos to share with you when the trampolines are delivered and set up, and we’ll be sure to post them for all to see.  We need to thank our loyal Oz Trampolines customers, purchasing from us means a percentage of the profits can be used to donate trampolines to overseas orphanages.  Plans are already well underway for our 2015 Project – stay tuned for more!

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