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Why You Should Choose an In-Ground Trampoline for Your Child

Parents like to install garden-based play facilities for their children to encourage them to get outside, do some exercise, and have some fun away from the computer screen. These facilities range from swimming pools, paddle pools, playhouses, swing sets, sand pits, basketball nets, and more.
After swimming pools, a trampoline is one of the most popular playthings that children enjoy. After all, what kid doesn’t like to jump and bounce? However, the traditional above-ground trampoline has restrictions, particularly for younger kids like toddlers. They have to climb a ladder and, once they reach the trampoline mat, there is fear of falling down. These concerns are valid when you have very young children, because the above-ground trampoline mat is well above ground level.

The solution to this is to install an in-ground trampoline, as it offers a whole range of advantages to tiny tots over a regular trampoline.

The advantages of an in-ground trampoline

There are many advantages both aesthetic and practical, including:

  • Children won’t fear falling down from a (to them) substantial height.
  • The in-ground trampoline has far greater appeal for small children who can simply walk onto the mat and bounce around.
  • More than one child can share the mat without the risk of somebody falling off the edge.
  • Everybody is jumping at ground level, which is much safer.
  • Small children who are unaware of the dangers of being underneath a trampoline mat when somebody is jumping cannot be accidentally injured by crawling under.
  • An in-ground trampoline provides a better atmosphere. Seating can be arranged around the trampoline surface and people who are not jumping can interact and socialise with those who are.
  • Games children usually play in a garden can easily transition onto the trampoline without the need for climbing.
  • The in-ground trampoline is far less intrusive to garden layout and landscaping. In particular, it does not block views in the same manner as an above-ground trampoline.
  • There is no risk of the trampoline being thrown around the yard during a severe storm.
  • The garden area surrounding an in-ground trampoline will be much easier to landscape.

However, the in-ground trampoline also comes with a few disadvantages. That is, its construction and installation can involve more cost, time and effort. However, it is usually well worth the effort.

Installing an in-ground trampoline

The most important decision to make before installing an in-ground trampoline is to carefully decide its location, because once installed it cannot be moved.
Safety dictates that the trampoline should be surrounded by at least one metre of space on all sides, meaning it should not be this close to walls, fountains, or any other fixed garden items. There should also be no overhanging branches from nearby trees.
The primary task is the need to dig a hole in the ground which, depending on trampoline model, will need to be between 60-90 cm deep. It must be a well constructed pit with tightly packed soil that ensures the pit walls will not collapse, and the location must be in an area not subjected to water seepage. Ground water should not be able to penetrate into the pit, as the last thing you want is a pit that fills with water. Regardless of position, you need to install drainage pipes or ducting so water from heavy rain is drained away. Another solution is to install a sump pump.
Once the pit is installed, the trampoline will then be inserted inside this frame. And thanks to Oz Trampolines’ new in-ground trampolines having the retaining wall built into the frame, there is no need to reinforce the walls of the pit itself.
The trampoline framework should not make contact with the pit soil. To avoid this, the framework constructed should be raised approximately 100mm from ground level.
An additional requirement is to allow air circulation. Air gaps should be be incorporated in the final framework construction.
Once the basic installation is complete, you can then proceed to landscape the area surrounding the trampoline to make it as appealing and inviting as possible.

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