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Oz Trampolines - Customers Love Their Oz Trampoline

Why our Customers Love Their Oz Trampoline

Trampolines are a significant purchase, that’s why at Oz Trampolines we love it when our customers leave reviews for future buyers. See what some of our happy customers have to say about our trampolines.

“Great trampoline”

Oz Trampolines - Customers Love Their Oz Trampoline1
“Strong sturdy trampoline. nice design. good recoil. the frame hasn’t rusted. managed to dismantle for relocating as well. My son loves it.”

At Oz Trampolines we design and manufacture trampolines specifically for the harsh conditions of the Australian climate. That means you’re getting a weatherproof, sturdy and fun trampoline every time.

“This is perfect”

Oz Trampolines - Customers Love Their Oz Trampoline2
“Good size, excellent quality, easy to assemble. We had it for 5 months and no problems at all !!!!!! Our daughter loves it because she can jump higher than on other trampoline we bought from BIG W and it didn’t discolour from the sun like other trampoline. thank you OZ TRAMPOLINES.”

We love delighting our customers. By using high quality materials in our trampoline builds, we’re providing the best experience possible for years of bouncing fun.

“6 foot trampoline – perfect for toddlers/preschoolers”

Oz Trampolines - Customers Love Their Oz Trampoline3
“The 6 foot trampoline is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers in a small-medium backyard. It comfortably fits two small kids jumping together but the weight limit is high enough that mum or dad can also get in and have a jump with the kids.”

A high weight rating comes from a combination of quality materials and build. Without the proper weight rating your trampoline could damage easier. High weight ratings also ensure jumper safety. With a combination of quality components like galvanised steel frame, corrosion proof springs and UV resistant bounce mat, an Oz Trampoline boasts the quality materials necessary for a safe bounce for years to come.

“Easy to use online ordering and fantastic trampoline”

Oz Trampolines - Customers Love Their Oz Trampoline4
“Trampoline is sturdy and well made, a great size. Easy to assemble, especially on Christmas Eve! Kids love this trampoline. Unfortunately so did the birds, so a roof cover is needed next! Very easy to clean though.”

Online ordering and to-your-door free delivery is key to what makes Oz Trampolines a great purchasing experience. Most of us lead busy lives, we don’t have to time to go to the store, find the right trampoline and then load it all up in the back of the car. That’s why Oz Trampolines takes the fuss out of choosing and purchasing your trampoline, offering only the highest quality products with simple delivery and easy assembly.

“Well worth it”

Oz Trampolines - Customers Love Their Oz Trampoline5
“I purchased the 10ft round with circus tent and roof. Had it now for almost three years and my boys love it. Roof and surround give protection from all weather conditions providing a great place to play. Great service great product. I recommend Oz Trampolines all the time.”

At Oz Trampolines we offer a number of exciting trampoline additions. A circus tent roof adds character to your jump time, turning your trampoline into a tent and play area while keeping the sun off and the leaves out.
You’ll also find other existing accessories, like music players, sprinkler systems for those hot summer days, basketball hoops and fun games packs. Find our full range of accessories here.

“So much better!!!”

Oz Trampolines - Customers Love Their Oz Trampoline6
“I purchased the trampoline on Monday and it got delivered on Tuesday. For an in ground the DIY install is quite easy and straightforward. The trampoline has a better bounce that the old trampoline & I’m really happy with the quality. I wish I’d replaced the old trampoline years ago!”

Already have a trampoline but not getting much joy out of it? Come see what Oz Trampolines has to offer. Our online tutorials and manuals have all the information you need to get your trampoline up and running quickly, safely and with minimum fuss.

“Well worth our time and money”

Oz Trampolines - Customers Love Their Oz Trampoline7
“I am so impressed with our new trampoline. Firstly the bounce on it is incredible but the best part for us is no zip! They were forever getting broken on our last 3 nets, but the clip system is so much easier for the kids to use and is holding up a lot better. The product is made well with quality materials and a great support to back it up.”

No matter where you live in this great southern land, you’ve probably experienced the harshness of the Australian climate. From dry, soaring temperatures to high humidity and salt winds off the coast, Australian weather loves to play havoc with our outdoor materials. That’s why it’s essential your trampoline be manufactured by an Australian company that understands the unique needs of the environment.
Talk to Oz Trampolines on 1300 393 004 or sales@oztrampolines.com.au and one of our friendly customer service team members will be available to help.

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