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What’s best for Running: Trampoline or Treadmill?

Did you know that a staggering 67 percent of Australian adults are overweight? That makes up for 12.5 million people and warrants measures on the national level to raise awareness regarding the need to stay fit.

While this statistic is worrying, there is some good news too! It’s been observed that more and more people are taking part in exercises. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 55.4 percent of Australians aged 18-64 undertook 150 minutes of exercise in March.

When it comes to exercise equipment, treadmill and trampoline are two of the most popular options to choose from. But the questions that arise here is which one of them is a better option that’ll help you meet your fitness goals?

We will let you decide with the help of the distinguishing features below for each of the equipment.


Gym equipment

Running on a Treadmill

We will discuss step by step some of the advantages of using a treadmill that can help in reducing weight and keep up with your fitness objectives.

1.   Multitasking

One of the biggest benefits of using a treadmill for running is that you can take part in other activities simultaneously. You can watch your favourite TV show or listen to your favourite tunes while you are on a treadmill. This coordinative effect helps you shed weight easily.

2.   Adjust Your Settings

The customization options that come with treadmills simply allows you to exercise on your own terms. With a treadmill, you can easily adjust the speed and set the inclination level as per your needs.

Another option that good treadmills offer is that they can automatically change the speed after a certain period of time. You basically let the machine decide the speed, inclination and in some cases, the intervals as well. All you have to do it to keep up!

3.   Intense Exercises

Depending on your personal exercising preferences, a treadmill allows you to burn calories at a higher rate. It also allows you to go through intense physical exertion to be able to get in shape fast.

This vigorous exercise also has psychological benefits to its name. Intense workouts help release certain hormones that can help you feel good about yourself generally.

4.   Convenient Running

With treadmills, we are able to bring into action our natural tendency to run and be active. In other words, we are preconditioned to walk and run in order to maintain our physical strength and fitness. In terms of convenience, while you’re running on a treadmill you can set up your towels, exercise belt and other accessories on the machine.

Running on a Trampoline

Keeping in mind its salient features, you can also decide to run on a trampoline and maintain your fitness. Let’s have a look at what are the benefits of running on a trampoline.

1.   More Muscle Usage

One of the reasons for looking into the best quality trampolines in Australia is that these allow you to use multiple muscles while exercising. This happens when you run, bounce and reposition while running on a trampoline.

Needless to say, this extensive muscle usage not just helps you lose weight, but also make your muscles active and improves your balance.

2.   Not as Intense

Trampoline is also good for people looking for exercises that aren’t too intense but at the same time are effective. While using a trampoline, you do not need to use much of your body’s energy or force. So, in this way you do not feel overly exhausted at the end of an exercise using the trampoline.

3.   More Fun than Jogging

Another reason why a trampoline stands out in terms of exercise is that it is so much more fun. Contrary to any form of conventional running, a trampoline helps you do lengthy cardio workouts in an entertaining way.

It is due to this reason that people find it easier to stick to jogging on a trampoline than with any other method of exercise. When choosing between different trampolines, buy a 10ft trampoline as it will allow you to have more bounce while you exercise.

4.   Cost Effective

Another benefit associated with using a trampoline is that these are relatively less expensive. The only thing that you have to worry while intending to buy a quality trampoline is its jumping surface. The better the surface is the greater experience of exercise and muscle movement it will provide.

5.   Spacious for Exercise

When exercising, your body can move in any direction to adjust to the propelling effect. A trampoline provides you with an abundance of space to run and exercise. They are safe to use for people of all ages as these have nets to protect you from possible injury. The space available with a trampoline also allows multiple people to run and jog at the same time which can create the effect of a group activity.


Both the treadmill and trampoline have their set of pros and cons when it comes to losing weight and exercising to maintain fitness. The aforementioned features of trampolines suggest that these are better in terms of options and features for exercise. These also allow you to achieve higher objectives in lesser time because of minimal physical exertion and effort. However, it is your personal preference for exercising equipment and lifestyle that will ultimately decide which you want to go for.

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