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What Trampoline is right for my family?

One of the most popular questions our customers ask us is ‘what trampoline is right for my family?’
Buying a trampoline can be a big investment for your family, so we always encourage our customers to spend the time researching all of the features, benefits and most importantly the quality of trampolines on the market.

To make the task a little easier we have developed a specifically designed buying guide. This interactive guide is designed to provide information on Oz Trampolines trampoline range, our trampolines safety and benefits and the optional extras available.
The buying guide also includes up to date information on the Australian Trampoline Safety Standards, warranty information and links to what our other customers thought of their purchase. All of this information can be crucial to deciding what trampoline best suits your family.
When considering what trampoline is right for your family, we also ask customers to take the time to consider the following points:

  • How old are your children? The age of your children can help determine the type of trampoline you choose. If you have small children a smaller trampoline can be sufficient but as they grow and start to do more tricks etc.. we suggest upgrading to a larger size. Please always you ensure you check a trampolines weight capacity as this is an important part in determining the quality of a trampoline. Our Trampolines weight capacity ranges from 120-200kg and are some of the largest on the market.
  • How much space do you have? All of our trampolines require a minimum distance around them to ensure a safe and secure bouncing experience. Please refer to individual product specs for further information.
  • Is your jumper into tricks? This will help you decide if you should purchase a round or oval shaped trampoline. We recommend an oval trampoline for those interested in big tricks such as flips and jumps. Oval trampolines are also more suited to backyards that have only limited or rectangle space available.
  • What type of weather conditions do you live in? Surprisingly weather conditions can be play a big part in determining what type of trampoline suits your family best. If you live in a windy area for example we recommend trying our inground models which are a great alternative.
  • Warranty: The last point to consider is the warranty provided on your trampoline. At Oz Trampolines we offer some of the best warranties on the market including 10 year on the frame for our inground models, 5 year on our above ground models frame and 2 year on most parts.

For any further help on deciding what trampoline is right for your family, shop our online store at www.oztrampolines.com.au or call us on 1300 393 004.

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