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What To Do with Your Old Trampoline

Trampolines are a great source of fun for young and old alike, but over time natural wear and tear can mean a trampoline is no longer suitable for bounce time. Fortunately, there are a number of ‘post bounce’ uses for old trampolines. From sprucing up the garden to comfy hammocks and day beds, find out what you can do with your trampoline when it’s not fit for bouncing anymore.

1. Turn your old trampoline into a greenhouse


For the DIY lover with a green thumb, the frame of an old trampoline can be repurposed into the frame of a greenhouse. If you’re an avid gardener or keen to just start growing a few veggies in the backyard, this nifty little conversion could be the perfect start. You’ll also need:

  • Some PVC piping
  • Wood for door frame
  • Electrical tape
  • Some screens
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Some thermometers

Get yourself a power drill and follow the instructions here and you’ll have a fully functional greenhouse in no time!

2. Make a garden out of your old trampoline


Image source: Pinterest

Getting your plants to grow just right can be tricky, especially in the early years where they’re still saplings. The frame sections of old trampoline can be used to help grow plants in a garden.
Simply embed the frame sections in ‘upside down’ and use hemp string or some other biodegradable material to tie your saplings to the guiding frame. Over time, your plants will grow just as you want them to.
The best thing about this option is you can design your new patch however you want. Use retaining bricks to create raised planter boxes or dig straight into the existing soil of your garden. Once the plants are grown high enough to support themselves, you can remove the guide frames and start a new patch elsewhere.  

 3. Turn your oval trampoline frame into a beautiful garden arch


Image source: Pinterest

Oval shaped trampoline frames can be repurposed into a garden arch to grow vine or other greenery. It’s actually the perfect shape and the solid build of the frame means it will upright even in the face on inclement weather. You’ll want to:

  • Take accurate measurements before cutting the frame
  • Dig into the ground around a foot or so to provide a strong foundation
  • Reinforce the foundation with cement, sandbags or rocks

Dress with vine or hanging plants and marvel as the arch becomes a focal point for your garden. Useful in the front yard as an entry way, or in the back to create a sense of privacy and mystery in the backyard.

4. Make a chicken coop out of your old trampoline frame


Image source: Pinterest

Ever thought of keeping chickens or starting your own hobby farm? Your old trampoline frame can easily be converted into a small chicken coop perfect for your first run at keeping chooks.
Laying hens can provide you with both eggs and manure for your garden. They are relatively inexpensive to keep, and a great way to get the kids to learn about farming and keeping animals.
To create the coop you’ll need:

  • The frame of your trampoline to form the two sides of your coop
  • Chicken wire around the enclosure
  • A nesting box to provide shelter

Depending on the size of your trampoline, the coop will be good for around 2-4 chickens. If you decide to grow your chicken run, the build is flexible (and portable) enough to accommodate additions and relocation around the backyard.

5. Create an all weather outdoor rocking hammock with your old trampoline


Image source: Pinterest

This is a great DIY idea that uses most of the parts from an old trampoline to create a rocking hammock. Perfect for lazing out in the backyard and reading a book (or enjoying an afternoon beverage), the hammock is made from robust trampoline materials, meaning it will last in the outdoor conditions.
For this to work, the trampoline needs to be in good condition. Basically you need to:

  • Temporarily remove the matting
  • Cut the trampoline to size (in half)
  • Rework it back together
  • Re-apply the matting

You may need some basic welding skills to make this one happen. Obviously this only works on curved trampolines as you need the rounded edges to get the rocking motion, but squared edged trampolines can be turned into daybeds by following the instructions below.

6. Make a comfy daybed out of an old trampoline


Image source: Theownerbuildernetwork

This one is a great indoor / outdoor idea that’s pretty versatile and takes advantage of the natural pliability of trampolines. Remember lying on your trampoline looking at the sky as a kid? Well you can do that as a grown up too by turning your old trampoline into a daybed.

  • Remove the legs
  • Wrap the edges in a soft material
  • Join strong rope or wire to the frame and to to a supporting tree branch (Make sure all components can support your weight)
  • Lay large cushions or a mattress on top

Perfect for lazy afternoons or staying out on warm summer evenings.

7. Create reusable shopping bags with your trampoline mat

This is a great idea that repurposes your trampoline mat into sustainable and environmentally friendly shopping bags. You can also create bags of all different sizes by simply cutting shapes out of the mat material and stitching them together. You can make the handles from the mat as well, or just use other material you might have lying around the house.

8. Make a sunshade using an old trampoline


Image source: Desert Balance Design

By extending the legs of an old trampoline, you can transform your trampoline into a functional sunshade. The dark matting of the trampoline will do well to block out the sun, and if the matting is also waterproof is should block out the rain, too! You could decorate this type of sun shade by hanging plants from the top, or by wrapping fairy lights around the leg poles. This one might require a little extra work extending the leg poles, but is actually a fantastic way to repurpose your old trampoline for backyard bliss.

9. Make a backyard soccer goal from a trampoline frame


Image source: Jason Ruediger via Pinterest

If your kids fancy themselves the next Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, your old trampoline frame can easily be repurposed to create a functional backyard soccer goal. Both rectangular and circular-shaped trampolines can be used for this project. Simply turn the trampoline upside down and cut it in half. If you have a circular shaped trampoline, use metal from the legs of the trampoline to build the supporting frame. If your trampoline is rectangular, cutting it in half will leave you with perfectly shaped soccer goals that will require no more modification.

10. Create a backyard movie screen


Image source: Pinterest

In the summer, moonlight cinema is all the rage. If you’ve got a projector handy, your old trampoline frame can be repurposed with a white sheet of canvas as the perfect outdoor movie screen. Back out the backyard with friends and neighbours and you’ve got a movie night in the making.

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