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Weight Limit On A Trampoline

When you are looking at buying a trampoline make sure you find out or ask the question ” what is the weight limit for a trampoline“.
This is an important factor as the more weight it certified to  handle the better quality materials it has been built with.

When we mention “certified”, make sure it has been factory certified for the weight capacity.
Oz Trampolines have quite a range of trampolines for sale, and rest assured they have been TUV Certified at the highest weight capacities in Australia.
As an example the 10ft through to 14ft trampolines all carry a weight capacity of a massive 180kgs.
All of this combined simply backs up the claims of only using the highest quality parts to produce Australias Favourite Trampoline.

Here is the results of a quick online search for 10ft trampolines weight capacity.

  • Oz Trampolines: 180 kgs
  • Company 1: 113 kgs
  • Company 2: 150 kgs
  • Company 3: 120 kgs

As you can see there are some vast differences.
In our next story we will be discussing Trampoline Warranty.

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