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3 Uses for Old Trampoline Springs

In this age of recycling, people are looking for new and creative ways to make use of old accessories and equipment. Like the other equipment around the house, the trampoline adds value and it is great to have a fun Saturday evening with the kids.

Any parent that owns a trampoline realises the full value of owning one and the endless hours of fun and activity they provide to the kids of a family. However, the kids will not remain the same age their whole life as they have to grow up.

Once the kids grow up, parents think of purchasing different types of toys or gifts, like a 10ft round trampoline or any such similar gift & then eventually, it gets ended up lying idle in their backyard. Many parents make the regrettable decision of selling the trampoline-like they do with all the other stuff their kids used when growing up.

Don’t fall in the trap of attaching the same significance to all the other toys your children used and the trampoline lying idle in the backyard. A trampoline is a significant item which if used creatively, can be a great source of entertainment and resource for a family.

Here are some ideas that will help you put the trampoline to effective use.

1.   Transform It into a Garden

This requires the removal of the base and the trampoline springs in it. Once you remove the canvas of the old trampoline flip it upside down to create a beautiful garden. You can add fencing on the sides of the garden to give it a royal touch.

There are a variety of options that you can consider and different flowers that will add to the beauty of the garden, making it elegant than before. You can add fencing around the sides of the garden with the help of poles that will also help in keeping the critters out.

Another option that you can try is converting the trampoline into a garden without removing its canvas. This process will also require the removal of the trampoline springs; however, you will have an elevated garden that will keep the flowers away from the animals.

Not only will the elevated garden help in keeping the pests away, but it will also add a fun and whimsy look to the backyard making your house the talk of the town.

2.   Swinging Bed

Everyone loves themselves a swinging bed. No one minds a little swing in the yard to spend time during the evening, relaxing with the family.

Repurposing the trampoline into something creative and beautiful does looks impossible, looking at the old and worn out trampoline you have in the yard. However, you can repurpose the product into something just as awesome by merely putting your mind to work.

You can use wooden planks to provide the swing with the structural support it requires. Additionally, you also need to ensure that you have enough space to make way for a whole trampoline.

It is not necessary to place the repurposed trampoline in the garden, as you can hang them in your house too. You can make a smaller kids version of the swing using the elements of the trampoline. However, you need to be wary of the dimensions of the indoor space and the demands of an indoor swing.

3.   Soccer Goal

Who does not like a fun game of soccer in the yard? The whole family and friends can gather around to have a fun game of soccer over the weekend. Children throw a lot of tantrums when they find out their favourite activity during the summer is no longer an option as the trampoline is beyond repair.

You can convert the trampoline to a soccer goal to cheer up their mood. You are in luck if you have a trampoline that is square-shaped. This means that all you need to do is to get rid of the trampoline springs, and your soccer goals are ready. On the contrary, you will need to get some welding done if the trampoline is round in shape.

Add some netting on the back of the trampoline and place the soccer goal firmly on the ground. Most of the finest trampolines for sale already have netting that you can use. However, in the case of a round shape trampoline, you might want to consider welding the legs together to make the netting.

These are some of the common and easy DIY methods of repurposing an old trampoline. You can get your family together during the weekend and get to work together using new ideas and creative ways to repurpose the old trampoline. Who knows, this may become the fun family project that you will remember for years to come.

Therefore, rather than just getting rid of the trampoline, repurpose it in a manner that is beneficial for the whole family.

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