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What Types of Trampoline Packages Are Available?

Here at Oz Trampolines we are pleased to offer a variety of trampoline packages to suit your family’s needs.
For those of you who have children and toddlers who may need the extra safety of an enclosure and net we have trampolines with the lot available for all of our round and rectangular trampolines. This means that you will receive a new trampoline base and mat with all of the extras: spring protection pads, net, enclosure poles, weather cover, pocket surround, ladder, plus an anchor kit  and spring tool!

If you have children who are confident or accustomed to a trampoline without a net we have packages available for the trampoline base with printed mat, pads, ladder, anchor kit, spring tool and weather cover.
Alternatively, you can customize both of these packages to include a tent, roof or basketball kit.
If your prefer an in-ground trampoline we have a great range of round in ground trampoline kits coming soon.
At Oz Trampolines we have everything you need to create the perfect, safe and fun trampoline to suit your individual needs.

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