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Trampolines For Autistic Children: How Can It Help?

Using trampolines for autistic children has proven to have many health, social and behavioural benefits.
Our Oz Trampolines are a popular choice for many parents and occupational therapists who have children that are on the Autism spectrum or who have special needs. When used together with our Circus or Princess Tents the trampoline offers a place of solitude where the child can go to exercise in the fresh air, unwind and chill out.

Jumping on a trampoline also encourages the child to have fun and play outside with friends. Sometimes being one of the only places where parents will see their child interact with a peer and sustain attention on a game. Some will even go from disengaged and non-communicative to making eye contact and being more aware of what’s going on.
Even children who prefer isolated play are so busy having such a good time jumping and playing they don’t seem to mind sharing an enjoyable activity. This helps improve their strength, co-ordination and allows them to grow stronger over time with regular use.
Our Oz Trampoline jumping mats are a colourful and interactive feature as they have coloured shapes and numbers printed on them that add another element to the fun and creativity.
Using chalk to draw on the jumping mat is another entertaining activity that can be shared with their friends.
Many other health benefits include: increased circulation, better sleep, reduced stress, increased muscle and bone strength, cardio endurance, improved balance and kinesthetic awareness.
Using trampolines as physical therapy allows children with autism and special needs to increase their fitness, self confidence, social skills and get a better quality of life.
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