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Our favourite Trampoline Games to enjoy this summer

For most parents one of the most important things they can teach their kids is that getting outdoors and staying active can be fun. And what better way to teach them than with a trampoline?
For most families, there is nothing more fun than jumping on a trampoline together. Between giggles, games, and jumping; trampolines can bring a family together.

We have put together a list of fun trampoline games to play with your family this summer.
Water Jetspray Trampolines are so much fun but it can get a little hot with all that jumping. Oz Trampolines has developed the perfect solution for keeping cool, with our trampoline Jetspray. A safe alternative to the hose, this exclusively designed product is light weight and durable and shoots mist from 10 perfectly positioned, jet spray points. The perfect accessory for leaving jumpers cool and refreshed. Please ensure jumpers are supervised when using water on a trampoline.

Chalk GamesAn oldie but a goodie is using chalk on your trampoline. You can find chalk for your trampoline in our exclusive Oz Trampolines Game Pack. Chalk is amazing for inspiring your children’s imagination and some chalk games include hopscotch, tic tac toe or simply drawing a masterpiece of their own.
Learning while moving Something even better than keeping children active is keeping children active whilst learning. At Oz Trampolines our mats come with a printed option. This printed mat option includes shapes, colours and printed numbers and is perfect for learning games whilst having fun on your trampoline.
Duck, Duck, GOOSE! This game is a favourite, particularly with younger children. In this game kids sit down in circle facing one another. The person who is ‘it’ walks around the circle tapping everyone on the head whilst calling them a duck or a goose. When someone is called a goose, the goose has to get up and chase the ‘it’ around the circle. The goal is to tap the ‘it’ person before they reach the gooses original spot.
Dance party One of the best things to do on the school holidays is to dance, sing and be silly. A perfect way to enjoy music whilst outside is to use our exclusive Oz Trampolines SoundBounce Bluetooth speaker. These easy to use speakers sync with most phones and devices and are a must have accessory for enjoying music whilst jumping on your trampoline.

Play catch Using one of the balls found in your Oz Trampolines Games kit or another lightweight ball, one of the best type of games to play on a trampoline are ball games. These can include catch, target or soccer. As an added bonus ball games are even easier to play on a trampoline as the safety net adds as a barrier to ensure the ball rolls straight back.
We hope that this blog has helped with some ideas for fun trampoline games to play with your kids this summer.

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