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Does trampoline weight capacity matter?

Trampoline weight capacity is a scientific measure of the weight your trampoline can safely withstand, suggesting that weight capacity does matter for safety reasons. However, trampoline weight capacity may also act as an indication of the quality of your trampoline mat,  with higher weight capacities suggesting a better made product.
For example, cheaper mats are made with a minimal-strength weave and cannot withstand heavier weight before the shape distorts, with threads losing their shape and the mat losing overall bounce capacity.

We believe it is important to adhere to trampoline weight capacity specifications, which is why the Oz Trampolines team has ensured our weight capacities are large enough to support both adult weight and children weight capacities for fitness and recreation.
Oz Trampoline mats are made from polypropylene mesh with a weave that allows superior weight capacities as shown in our Trampoline Matrix. We have included a weight measure below as a quick reference guide to give you an idea on our weight capacities. Please note that the below guide is specific to Oz Trampolines mats only.

Frame Size (ft) 4.5 6 8 10 12 14 16 7×10 8×12
Weight Capacity (kg) 100 100 140 180 180 180 160 160 160

Trampoline Weight Capacity by Trampoline Size

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