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Trampoline Weather Covers

Trampoline weather covers are a highly effective tool to ensure customers get the greatest possible lifespan out of their mat, pads, frame and springs.
All of Oz Trampolines parts are manufactured with Australian weather conditions in mind. This includes UV protection of the mats and pads and the galvanisation of the frame and springs. However this does not prevent the parts deteriorating over long periods, beyond that of the warranty, when exposed to some of Australia’s harsher conditions.

This is where the weather cover plays an essential part in preserving your trampoline and its parts.
The weather cover will take approximately 2-3 minutes to clip on depending on the size of the trampoline.  These 2-3 minutes will not only save your trampoline, but extend the lifespan of your parts and prevent unwanted spending on replacement parts in the future.
The weather cover can also prevent:

  • Debris from surrounding trees landing / settling on your jumping mat
  • The jumping mat and pads becoming wet and preventing jumping from taking place safely
  • Animals from scratching/damaging the materials i.e. possums
  • Wear and tear issues when the trampoline is not in use for periods of time i.e. winter weather

In summary, Oz Trampoline weather covers not only protect the trampoline itself, but they also assure you that the children are jumping in an environment that is safe and sound.

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