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trampoline warranty

Trampoline Warranty

Trampoline warranties can vary considerably. Not only between different companies but also between different parts on the trampoline.
Make sure when purchasing a trampoline you clarify exactly what the warranty is on ALL PARTS.
We will do a quick comparison shortly. When asking on your trampoline warranty, make sure to ask in the event of a warranty claim what is the procedure and is their any costs for making a claim.

Why we say this, is we spoke to a client once that purchased something and unfortunately had to claim under warranty, now to our shock she was asked to pay some amount to actually receive the item under warranty. Now you can see why you must be thorough when asking about trampoline warranty.
Oz Trampolines has established the best warranty terms for our customers with 5 years on the trampoline frame and 2 years on springs, mat, pads and net. This just goes to show the quality used as some companies have been known to offer a paltry 3 months on pads and net.

We are so confident on the quality of parts that the warranty also covers wear and tear, and weathering as well – something no other company is prepared to do.

Going 1 step further with warranty, in the event of a claim make sure the company has those replacement parts.
Don’t get caught out by buying an end of run model, where they may be selling you an item which they do not intend to carry the parts. A warranty claim in this situation would become useless.

So a quick comparison on Trampoline Warranty

Oz Trampolines

  • Frame: 5 years
  • Springs: 2 years
  • Mat: 2 years
  • Pads: 2 years
  • Net: 2 years

A Randomly chosen supplier online

  • Frame: 2 years
  • Springs: 6 months
  • Mat: 2 years
  • Pads: 6 months
  • Net: 6 months

As you can see… warranty can certainly differ.
In our next story we will discuss Warranty Claims

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