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Trampoline Warranty Claim

Trampoline Warranty Claims

Warranty Claims can sometime be a hassle, but not with Oz Trampolines.
Let’s face it, things can occasionally go wrong and when they do you should not be penalized for this.
Be wary of companies that are asking you to pay to send the item back, or a restocking fee.
At Oz Trampolines all we ask for is to have a photo emailed to us of the problem.

Why Do We Do That

We have the good fortune to have direct contact with our factory, and pride ourselves on always increasing the quality of our products. We do not just buy a trampoline from some supplier and onsell it, and then go ” well we have no control over quality”.
The fact is we do and because Oz Trampolines have no “middle men” shall we say, we have the ability to bring to the public an extremely high quality product at a very good price.
In the end of the day if we do ask you to send the affected parts back to us, we will organize that totally at our expense. Not to mention that your replacement parts are already on the way.
In our coming stories we are going to really dive in and discuss replacement parts for a trampoline.

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