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Trampoline Surround Net with Pockets

Here at Oz Trampolines we have thought of just about everything you need to get the most out of your trampoline, including keeping it as safe for your kids as possible.  Included in our trampoline packages is a Trampoline Surround Net with Pockets.
This is a secondary net that goes from the frame to the floor to prevent small children and animals from wandering underneath while someone is jumping. The net ties on to the frame at the top and then again on to each leg. We have also designed it to have a few handy storage pockets so that you can  keep your valuables, socks, shoes and toys packed neatly away.

Trampoline Surround Net with Pockets
It is made from knitted UV treated triple layer PVC netting with heavy duty stitching and is also mildew and water resistant. We have also made it available for purchase in our spare parts section so that anyone who has a trampoline can purchase one. You just need to know the size of your frame and how many legs it has.
Please feel welcome to call us for further advice when purchasing an Oz Trampolines Pocket Surround.  1300 393 004

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