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Trampoline Stocks Are High

It might only be August but our trampoline warehouse ready for the Christmas rush with a larger warehouse to cope.  In this business as soon as the weather starts to get warmer trampolines that have not been jumped on for a few months are used again.
The winter months can do as much damage to the trampoline as the sun with water getting into areas that it shouldn’t.  Before your children start to use the trampoline again it is wise to give the trampoline and parts a quick look over to ensure all is safe.

If you are in doubt about any part feel free to call us or email us a picture of the part in  question and we can advise you of what is your best course of action.
At Oz Trampolines we try to have all parts in stock so your children can be back bouncing as soon as possible and if we can’t help you with a part we can usually advise you of who can.
Sometimes it may also be worth thinking about a new trampoline as by the time you buy all the parts you need it can almost be as expensive as a new trampoline.
What ever way you decide you can rest assured by choosing Oz Trampolines you have the highest quality parts that are designed to last in the harsh Oz Climate and backed up by our long warranty.
We also now have a freecall number for our customers of 1300 393 004

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