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Trampoline Safety Tips

Here at Oz Trampolines we are passionate about your family’s safety when using our trampolines and accessories.

We have put together a list of trampoline safety tips and advice which will help ensure your Oz Trampolines experience is safe, secure and fun.

    1. Keep the area around your trampoline clear from any foreign objects.

  1. Inspect the trampoline before each use and replace any worn or missing parts. Also ensure parts are safe and securely attached.
  2. Supervise children and inexperienced jumpers at all times, taking extra care with younger children.
  3. Do not allow any activity under the trampoline. The Pocket Surround will help keep children or pets from underneath the trampoline while someone is jumping.
  4. Enter and exit safely through the Safety net opening using the ladder provided.
  5. Bare feet are the best and safest way to jump on a trampoline mat as they provide grip and avoid slipping.
  6. Jumping in the middle of the trampoline is the best and safest place to bounce.
  7. Place your trampoline on a level surface and well lit area, to ensure a safe and secure bounce.
  8. Ensure the trampoline is properly secure with the provided Anchor kit
    Our new improved Anchor Kits will help ensure your trampoline is still there the next day!

    Our new improved Anchor Kits will help ensure your trampoline is still there the next day!

  9. To ensure complete safety, particularly with little jumpers, ensure your safety net is used to help protect and avoid injury.
  10. Always use safety padding on the frame to avoid injury.
trampoline safety tips

Safety pads must be in good condition

*Please note the owner and supervisors of the trampoline are responsible to make all users aware of practices specified in the safety tips.

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