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Oz Trampolines - Keeping your Kids Safe on the Trampoline

Trampoline Safety Standards: Keeping your Kids Safe on the Trampoline

A trampoline can provide endless hours of fun and entertainment for your family. But choosing the right trampoline can be a daunting process. With so many options, it’s not easy to know which is the safest choice for your family.
For an enjoyable bouncing experience that doesn’t sacrifice safety, ensure your trampoline comes with following safety options as standard.

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Solid trampoline frame

When it comes to the frame you’re looking for two key indicators of safety and quality:

  • Galvanised steel build
  • High weight capacity

Strong, high quality frames are necessary to ensure your trampoline can hold the weight of jumpers without bending, warping or tipping. In general, the stronger the frame, the higher the weight limit.
Note: Different frames will have different weight limits. Regardless of the material used in the build, it is not recommended you exceed the suggested weight limit, as it may damage the trampoline and put your jumpers at risk.

Safety pads

Safety pads are used to cover metal frames and springs, but they do more than just make the trampoline look nice.
Safety pads protect jumpers from injury by softening any knocks against hard surfaces. They also help prevent hair and laces from getting tangled in the springs.
To help define the edges of the mat more clearly, it’s recommended that safety pads be in a contrasting colour to the bounce mat. A few other qualities to look for in safety mats include:

  • UV protected materials to ensure lastability out in the sun
  • Each pad safely covers the spring
  • The pads are water and mildew resistance
  • They are also double sided and made from high grade PVC or other waterproof material

Safety nets

Safety nets dramatically improve safety in trampoline play by preventing the risk of falls outside the mat. Netted enclosures are fitted on the outside of the trampoline providing a protective barrier around the jump area.
Not all safety nets are created equal, however. Avoid low quality netting by ensuring your trampoline safety net has the following:

  • UV protection to prevent deterioration in the hot Australian sun
  • Heavy duty stitching to ensure reliability
  • Quality build materials like weather resistant PVC

Safety nets might be equipped with zippers or clips to fasten then together. Zippers are faster in operation but prone to catching and sticking. Clips take a little longer but are more reliable.

Trampoline springs

Springs come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few tried and true qualities in trampoline springs that guarantee a safer bouncing experience:

  • Quality steel
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lengthy warranty or lifetime guarantee

Springs are a key component in your trampoline. They form the link between the bounce mat and the frame and bear much of the force when in use.
Because they are constantly being put under pressure during bouncing activity, springs are a component where quality is essential. Never compromise on spring quality. If you notice problems with your trampoline spring, contact the manufacturer immediately.

Weight Capacity

While it’s recommended that most trampolines only carry one jumper at a time for safety purposes, there can be occasions where multiple jumpers end up on the trampoline.
Exceeding the weight capacity of your trampoline can be dangerous; increasing the risk of potential harm to jumpers and damage to the trampoline frame and jump mat. That’s why it’s paramount to choose a trampoline with a weight class that exceeds your expectations.
The best way to do this is to look for quality build and materials in the following trampoline components:

  • Trampoline frame: Galvanised steel is recommended
  • Bounce mat: Quality, weather resistant materials
  • Springs: Strong, corrosion resistant materials

Without quality build and reliability in these three components, you risk overloading the ‘weakest link’ in your trampoline and reduce the safety and reliability of your bounce.

Choose Australian quality

If you’re in the market for a quality trampoline, it’s worth considering the advantages of buying from an Australian owned company. Oz Trampolines design and build trampolines exclusively for the harsh Australian environment. We take our commitment to safety seriously, so you can enjoy some serious fun.
Contact Oz Trampolines to find out more, and discover the difference Australian quality can bring.

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