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Why Our Trampoline Safety Net Is On The Outside

As you may have discovered, there are several  different  shapes, sizes and styles of trampolines with safety nets that attach to the enclosure poles and jumping mats in a variety of ways.

Why does the Oz Trampoline safety net go on the outside of the trampoline?

Here at Oz Trampolines we have one style of trampoline safety net and it is designed to go over straight poles and it fits  around the outside perimeter of your trampoline.  It attaches underneath as it can provide the most strength and support in this position.

As our safety Pads are made thicker and wider than other brands, they cover the springs and also come forward onto the mat to prevent little fingers finding their way underneath .
The material of the net is made from a very durable knitted UV treated triple layer PVC, this combined with heavy duty stitching  and a double locking zip enhances the overall safety.
trampoline safety net

Photo credit: Flickr

Our nets are one piece and are black, they have PVC pole sleeves triple sewn into them which are available in three different colours;  Blue, Pink or Green to match the spring pads. Due to the superior  quality of our nets we are pleased to offer a 2 year warranty.
So if you need any replacement parts  it’s a great idea to count your trampolines poles and measure the diameter of the frame prior to ordering.  If you have an entirely different net and pole set up, please feel welcome to give us a call as we can provide you with a brand new set of poles, pole padding, pole caps and clamps to create a new universal style net enclosure.
This will make finding replacement parts much easier in future.

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