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Trampoline Safety Guide

You can help to eliminate the risk of injury on your trampoline by using common sense!
Many trampoline injuries are caused because of a failure to follow safety guidelines or through purchasing cheap but unsafe trampoline parts and equipment. This is why OzTrampolines have a policy of continuous improvement to ensure you get the best technology and quality available in trampolining.

To ensure safety when using a trampoline, the following should be considered:
–          Always assemble safety nets and pads before using the trampoline
–          Ensure the trampoline is on a flat surface
–          One person should bounce at a time
–          Monitor young children when they are playing on the trampoline
–          Do not use cheap PE materials when purchasing or replacing a trampoline part as they do not have the same strength and durability as higher grade materials; therefore they will not only wear sooner but will not provide the same safety
–          Check pads, springs and nets regularly for wear and check fixtures such as anchors and joins to ensure they haven’t shifted

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