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Trampoline Pocket Surrounds

Trampoline pocket surrounds are available to keep the kids shoes and socks off the grass while they are bouncing on their trampoline.
This easy-to-use design means your kids can place their shoes in the pockets themselves.

The pocket surrounds attach to the lower frame of the trampoline and act as a barrier to encourage children not to climb under the trampoline where they may be injured from people bouncing above on the trampoline mat.
Oz Trampolines trampoline pocket surrounds are made of UV stabilised netting and are both water resistant and mildew resistant for the longest wear. Oz Trampolines trampoline pocket surrounds are available for 8-16ft trampolines.
For the best fit trampoline pocket surrounds, measure your trampoline from the frame straight across to the frame on the other side of the trampoline to confirm the size of your trampoline.
If you would like to order trampoline pocket surrounds, please go to our trampoline pocket surrounds order page.

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