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Trampoline Pads Are they all the same?

Trampoline pads are not all the same despite what you may read on the internet.  The type of and  the quality of material that trampoline pads are made of differ remarkably and as the product will be most likely be out in the sun all day every day it is important to get all the information of the parts you can get.

The outside of the trampoline pads are the most important material to consider.  The first style trampoline pads were made of a PE material similar to a tarpaulin material.  If you have ever left a tarp out in the weather you know that it doesn’t last more than a few months with the rain and the sun.
Trampoline pads soon moved to a PVC material that has a better resistance to the weather.  We have looked around at other companies selling trampoline pads and have seen that although they are using a PVC material they are using a lower grade PVC material of 310grams.  After much testing of the different materials we decided on the 510 gram PVC material for the outer layer.  This makes the trampoline pads similar to a gymnastic mat in look and feel.
It also means that they will last longer in the Australian conditions than any other pad on the market today.  While most other companies will offer a 3 month warranty Oz Trampolines have a  1 year warranty and the option to extend this to 2 years for $15.
This will cover you from any manufacturing or weather damage that occurs to the pads in this time frame, no questions asked.  With sales all around Australia of our trampoline parts we know that in severe heat or cold rainy conditions the trampoline pads have been designed and made tough to last.  If you have any questions of our trampoline pads feel free to call us on 03 5222 440 or visit our website at www.oztrampolines.com.au

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