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Trampoline Nets are not all the same

Trampoline nets are one of the most replaced items on a trampoline and when you think about it you can see why.  When you leave anything out in the weather 24/7 it will over time deteriorate add to the fact the children fall onto it placing stress on the parts it is no wonder in the past they haven’t lasted.

Oz Trampolines went back to the drawing board when redesigning trampoline nets to ensure they will last in the oz climate.  Most of the net is comprised of the netting so it is important that the material will withstand the weather and stress.  Our nets are made of Terylene which is a synthetic fiber used also in the production of ropes and sails which means it is tough, durable and UV resistant.
The next part of the net which changes so much by manufacture is how the nets are connect to the upright posts.  Many companies use 2 or 3 hoops to connect to the net which reduces its strength when people fall against it constantly as it force exerted onto the hoops along with the weakening of them by the weather.  Sleeves over the upright poles are the other option but once again there are 2 materials that can be used here.
Other companies that use the sleeve system use a tarpaulin material for the sleeves, this is similar to the low grade trampoline pads used.  If you have ever left a tarp pout in the weather for a few months you know that it will soon become very weak and start to fray.  This is what happens  with tarpaulin material on the trampoline nets, after a few months the weather and the wear and tear of the stress on these poles the pole material start s to rip.
Oz Trampolines use the same 550g High grade PVC that we use on our long lasting trampoline pads on the sleeves meaning they are made to last in the weather.  We then triple stitch them to the terylene netting to ensure it can handle the weather and the wear and tear.  Entry to the trampoline through the net is though our high grade zip back up with clips.
A few items to take note of with any trampoline net;
a) You must have pole caps on your upright poles to ensure there is a buffer zone between the steel pole and the sleeve
b) A trampoline with a net does not make it a wrestling rink, nets are designed to stop a fall and not to be constantly bounced in to.
Like all trampoline parts the quality of the material used in making the parts will determine how long they last in the outdoors, there is a reason that Oz Trampolines is the only company to put more than a 3 month warranty on our parts because they are not made to last.
Oz Trampolines has a 1 year warranty on all nets with the option to extend to 2 years because we know that our parts will last. Any questions regarding our nets or any other parts please email us at sales@oztrampolines.com.au

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