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Trampoline Maintenance Tips to keep your children safe

It is essential to keep your trampoline in good working order so you children can safely jump on the trampoline.  Here are a few maintenance tips for you


    1. When your trampoline is not going to be used for an extended period of time, it is best to store it in a safe, dry place.
  1. To protect your trampoline from foreign objects and to keep clean, use the Oz Trampolines protective Weather Cover.
  2. Protect and secure your trampoline in extreme weather conditions such as strong winds and lightening. During these times, move your trampoline to a safe and secure area and ensure all accessories are removed.
  3. Inspect your trampoline before each use. Things to look out for include:
    • Missing, faulty or improperly positioned safety padding
    • Punctures, tears or holes in the safety net, tents, roofs padding or mats
    • Deterioration of the stitching or fabric of the mat or safety padding
    • Broken or stretched springs
    • Bent, uneven or unstable frames.

Trampoline Frame

  1. We recommend a soft, level surface for trampoline positioning, such as a front or back lawn. Hard surfaces such as concrete or pavement are not recommended as they can increase pressure on the frame and cause damage.
  2. Take note of the weight capacity levels on trampolines. Overextending these capacities can leave to damage.
  3. When moving a trampoline, we recommend lifting the trampoline or using wheels. Do not drag the trampoline as this can cause bending and warping of the legs and joins.

Safety Pads

old pads

  1. Safety Padding should be kept loose and clear above the springs. They should not be squashed or compromised in any way whilst the trampoline is in use, as this can cause ripping on the safety pads.
  2. In extremely cold weather conditions when the trampoline isn’t in use, remove your safety pads and store inside for winter, to avoid cracking and water damage.
  3. Whilst our safety pads are UV protected, in long heat waves when trampoline is not in use it is recommended to remove safety pads to ensure longevity.

Mats & Springs


  1. Before using, check the mats and springs, to ensure the trampoline is in good condition and clear from foreign objects.
  2. Do not use your trampoline if springs are worn, missing or stretched in any way.
  3. When you are not using the trampoline for an extended amount of time cover the trampoline mat with the Oz Trampolines Weather Cover.
  4. Do not use detergents or bleach to clean down the mat, the best way to clean is to hose it down or use our Oz Trampolines Trampoline cleaner.

Safety Net

rippen trampoline net

  1. Ensure your Safety Net is in good condition before using the trampoline. There should be no sign of holes, tearing, fraying or loose stitching.
  2. Ensure you’re your trampoline is accessed via the safety net opening and that the opening is not stretched or compromised in any way.
  3. When extreme weather conditions occur for long periods of time, remove your safety net and store securely, to ensure longevity.
  4. Do not encourage jumpers to sit, stretch or consistently rebound off the safety net.

Accessories: Basketball Kit, Tents and Roofs

  1. When not in use for long periods of time remove your Oz Trampolines accessory to keep it protected.
  2. In extreme weather conditions particularly high winds remove your accessory from the trampoline and store inside.
  3. Do not encourage jumpers to slam-dunk or hang from the basketball kit, to ensure safety from injury.
  4. Before using your trampoline ensure that all accessories are securely attached to the trampoline.

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