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Trampoline Exercises and Their Benefits

When you think of trampolines what’s the first image that pops in your head? It’s probably related to children having the time of their lives, jumping up and down on the mat. If you’re a parent you also might think it’s a great idea to get them well and tired before bed. But if you think that they are only meant for children, you would be wrong. Trampoline exercises are also beneficial for adults and one might say they are a much more fun workout than a jog or slaving away at the gym.

The Benefits
Let us first take a look at what exactly can this type of workout do for your overall fitness level and health and why it is better than some other traditional routines. Well, for one, you will burn more calories this way instead of jogging. NASA says so, so it must be true. And while jogging can often be detrimental for your joints on the long run, bouncing on a trampoline mat is not. In fact, their 2006 study tells us that it can be up to 70 percent more effective.
It is a healthy way to burn fat in favour of muscle mass. Rebounding is a cardio workout and along with strengthening your heart muscles and your lung capacity, it will put other muscles to work. The repetitive action will improve your balance and help you burn calories at the same time while also toning your lower body.
The Workout
While it may be fun to simply bounce around until you’re breathless, you need to establish a routine. That way you can gain more from the trampoline exercises. Here are some things you can do:
Start off with a simple bounce.
To familiarise yourself with the mat, try and do as many repetitions as you feel comfortable with. Try and aim to jump at the same height every time. The higher you jump, the more gravity works against your leg muscles, the better the workout.
Knee touching.
As you jump, raise one of your knees and bring the opposite arm in front to touch it. After completing enough repetitions, try and connect the other hand and knee for another series.
Practice your Kung fu.
While in the air, use one of your legs to kick and then bring it back under your body before landing. This helps with strengthening leg muscles quickly, mainly due to the explosive nature of the workout.
Toe touching.
Now this one might be better left for when you gain more flexibility. When you feel confident enough, try and bring both extended legs forward while your arms reach for the toes. Don’t forget that you will want to land on those legs though so try and jump as high as you can to give yourself time.
More often than not, the simpler ways to go about something are the most effective and that also stays true for fitness. Trampoline exercises are fun, healthy and they don’t require much of you besides jumping on one. The sky’s the limit (literally!)
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