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Trampoline Exercise for Seniors

Seniors often complain about joint pain and muscle strains as a result of conventional workout routines. Rebounding exercises for seniors are thus gaining popularity over time because of their low impact and many health benefits. Old people become less physically active with the passage of time and are more at risk of bone loss and other diseases. Mini trampoline exercises for seniors due to its flexible and gentle bouncing helps older people to gain the benefits of exercising without the trouble of joint pain. There are many exercises for seniors on a trampoline that target specific muscles and prevent cardiovascular diseases. It is one of the best ways for older people to manage their physical limits along with leading a fit and healthy life.


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Here is everything you need to know about trampoline exercises for seniors and their amazing health benefits:

Why is Trampolining Good Exercise for Seniors?

Apart from the many health benefits of trampoline exercises for seniors, it is a fun and liberating form of workout for seniors that make them feel younger and carefree. Trampoline exercises by providing easy and enjoyable workout spare the elderly from the pain and discomfort of conventional workout routines or walking. Rebounders have an elastic surface that gives low impact while bouncing and reduces the strain on muscles and joints. Rebounding exercises are also very convenient to do for seniors as they do not require much space and mini trampolines are easy to move anywhere in the house. Following are some benefits of rebounding for seniors:

Supports Improved Metabolism

Trampoline exercises can be very effective in improving metabolism and calorie burn. It can also help prevent bloating and eliminate the toxins from the body. Cardio exercises for long time periods could cause breathlessness and might decrease metabolism in seniors. On the other hand, rebounding allows the elderly to breathe comfortably during workout which increases metabolism and helps in weight loss.

Stimulates Happiness Hormones

Rebounding exercises also uplift mood in the elderly with the rush of happiness hormones like serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. It is a stress relieving exercises that also prevents binge eating, a direct effect of stress and frustration.

Helps Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Mini trampoline exercises help in reducing blood sugar levels which optimizes the insulin functionality. It is especially beneficial for old people who have type-2 diabetes or are at risk of it.

Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

As people grow older, their heart becomes weaker which disrupts the blood circulation in the body. The improper blood circulation leads to high blood pressure in elderly. The low impact rebounding workout increases the heart rate in seniors which regulates proper blood circulation throughout the body. The bouncing movement also helps in detangling the stuck-together blood cells and reduces the blockage in arteries due to deposits of fat and cholesterol on artery walls.

Improves Balance

The flexible movements on the rebounder allow seniors to test all physical movements which help in improving balance and gaining a sense of confidence while walking. They become less conscious of tripping or falling while walking due to practicing control of physical movement on a rebounder.

Aids Treatment for Arthritis

The treatment for arthritis patients can help minimize damage and pain in joints and improve their function. Rebounding can be effective in improving arthritis. Rebounding exercises helps to ease the joints and reduce joint pain and stiffness in arthritis patients.

Best Trampoline Exercises for Seniors

Rebounding exercises are a very effective way to improve health, strength and balance whether you are doing it on a mini trampoline or an 8ft round trampoline. And there are many different exercises that you can do on a trampoline.

Here are some low impact trampoline exercises, especially for seniors:

High Intensity Rebounding Exercise

The high intensity rebounding exercise involves different aerobic moves on the rebounder like dancing, point-jogging, jumping jacks or other fun movements you can incorporate. The high intensity rebounding exercises regulates the blood circulation in the body and increases the heart rate. With other benefits, it specifically improves cardiovascular health in seniors.

Low Impact Bouncing Exercise

It is best for seniors not to experiment complex workout moves on a rebounder. In a low impact bouncing exercise, you slowly bounce up and down on the rebounder without lifting your feet from the surface. It is beneficial in improving the lymphatic system and can be done easily while watching TV or talking on the phone due to its low impact.

Balance Rebounding Exercise

As the name suggests, the balance rebounding exercise helps in improving balance on or off the trampoline. It involves lifting the legs alternately in front of you with your arms stretched out in front as well and holding that position for 10-30 seconds. This exercise helps to increase balance while decreasing the strain on muscles and joints.

Strength Jumping Exercise

This exercise is a bit more difficult than others but you are gradually able to do it as you learn to balance on the trampoline. It involves high jumping to improve balance, increase the strength of your muscles and improve the lymphatic system.

Back Kick Rebounding Exercise

Back kick rebounding exercise is another low impact exercise for seniors to strengthen shoulder, buttocks and legs. It is also a type of stretching exercises because it stretches thighs and abdominal muscles. It is appropriate to use balance bar of the rebounder if you think you cannot maintain balance without it.


Trampoline exercise is a great way for seniors to stay fit and healthy. It involves the core and other muscles in the workout and improves posture. The importance of trampoline exercise does not limits to the health benefits only, it is also a very enjoyable and convenient activity. It is easy to move anywhere in the house or moved to the store if not needed. The convenient size and easy handling of mini trampolines liberates you of wondering will snow ruin the trampoline as is the case with 10ft round trampolines.

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