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Trampoline Care & Maintenance During Winter

By this point, we all have seen the picture of the Santa Claus celebrating Christmas in the sun in Australia. It is commonly believed that Australia is a hot continent which gets no snow. However, that’s certainly not the case. Australia is a huge continent that experiences all kinds of seasons, including cold and frosty winters. In fact, in areas like Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania, the temperature drops down to where now these areas have turned into proper winter resort towns for tourism.

If you live in Australia and are lucky enough to receive snowfall during the winter, you must also prepare for it, especially if you have backyard furnishings like trampolines. Your trampoline in winter will require proper care and maintenance to survive the cold weather without damage.

Generally, trampolines, especially the bigger ones like a 10ft trampoline, are built to survive the weather all year round from the summer heat to the winter colds. While that is true in theory, it does not necessarily mean that you should test it out. This is because extreme temperatures might not ruin or permanently damage your trampoline but it will surely reduce its lifespan by burdening its materials and construction.

Maintaining and caring for your trampoline in winter will also depend on whether you intend to use it or not. Do plan to use it? Whether that’s the plan or not, here are some handy tips on how to look after and preserve your trampoline through the winter.

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Using the Trampoline


If you plan to keep your trampoline outside during winter, it is essential to anchor and bolt it down. This is the best way to secure a trampoline against the powerful winds and breezes that are common during the freezing winters.

Unbolted and unanchored trampolines can go flying away. This will not only cause damage to the trampoline itself, but it can also lead to the loss of money since the trampoline will probably require repairing afterward. Moreover, it can also cause damage to your house, property or even a person or animal. You can expect a potential lawsuit from property damage by your runaway trampoline.


If you plan to use your trampoline throughout winter then you will need to make sure it stays safe and protected from the elements of the weather during winter.

The most convenient and hassle-free way to achieve this is by buying trampoline covers for winter which fit over the trampoline easily.

The main benefit of using a trampoline cover is that it protects the springy base sheet of the trampoline, the structure, and springs from elements like rain, hail, and snow. This keeps the trampoline clean and you won’t have to clean it again and again. It also protects the sheet base of the trampoline from ripping or gathering undue moisture which might weaken the integrity and bounce of the base sheet. And in case of a snowfall, the snow will not accumulate or pile up on the trampoline> this will make sure that the trampoline is burdened beyond its maximum weight capacity.

Snow Clearing

If you are not planning on using covers to protect your trampoline, then you need to ensure that your trampoline is clear at all times. You should make sure that snow or debris does not accumulate on your trampoline. This is important as it may pose undue weight on the trampoline and cause it to sag or lose its bounce.

When clearing the trampoline, make sure to clear the snow and other materials with brooms or brushes instead of shovels or other hard pointed or edged instruments. This is because such tools can easily rip your trampoline or cause small tears which may lead to a bigger one.

It is also important to avoid the use of snow blowers or heaters to clear the snow since the heat might burn and damage the structure and integrity of the trampoline’s jumping mat.

Not Using the Trampoline

If you don’t plan to use your trampoline during the winter season, then here is what you should do to make sure it is not damaged during the winter season.

Pack it up and Store It!

The best way to care for your trampoline and keep it in the best condition, especially if you don’t plan on using it, is to store it for the season. Disassemble it and store it inside in the garage to spend out the winter months.

Most trampoline frames will not need disassembly since they are built for weathering wear and tear all year long. That said, you should purchase a cover for them and use it after disassembling the soft materials.

What soft materials, you ask? Well, it includes the pads, safety enclosure (if any), jumping surface, and springs. All these things should be taken out and stored indoors. These are the most delicate parts of the trampoline and are susceptible to damage during winters, decreasing the overall lifespan of your trampoline.

Advantages of Proper Care

A trampoline is a relatively safe avenue of fun and physical exercise for the whole family so if you have one, you should properly care for it. Moreover, while trampolines are usually a significant investment, the good news is that if you care for it correctly, it can stretch out for many years. It will save you both time and money as well as keep you safe!

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