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Trampoline Anchor Bolt In Ground

Trampoline Anchor Kits – Secure your Trampoline

One of the parts we give with our trampolines we sell is a trampoline anchor kit.  These are used to secure a trampoline to the ground for 2 reasons.
Firstly if the ground is slightly uneven or hard the trampoline can move around when jumping on it.  The anchor kit when fitted correctly will stop any movement.

Secondly the the anchor kit can help in securing the trampoline in high winds.  As you can imagine a trampoline can turn into a kite if the wind gets it.  At Oz Trampolines we feel that being such an important part of a trampoline kit it should be included in the package not an added extra.
Fitting Instructions

The Anchor Kit consists of a strap and a ground Peg, the idea with the strap is to create 2 loops, one 1 is to loop around the trampoline frame and the second loop is to join to the peg that is anchored into the ground.
Lay out the anchor strap.
Trampoline Anchor Kit
Next thread the straps through the buckles ( as shown )
Trampoline Anchor Kit
Place the trampoline spike on the ground in desired location.
Trampoline Anchor Spike
Now rotate the Spike in a clockwise direction.
Trampoline Anchor Bolt In Ground
Now loop the long end of the anchor strap around the frame of the trampoline.
Now loop the short end of the anchor strap through the eye bolt.
Trampoline Anchor Strap
Clip the clips together and pull the strap to tighten.
Trampoline Anchor Kit

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