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Top Trampoline Accessories to Ensure your Child’s Safety

Children love trampolines – the thrill of the speed and height that you can get from bouncing, as well as the healthy, low-impact exercise that it offers, makes children feel on top of the world, happy, and energised.
But as with any activity, trampolines can pose a moderate safety risk if used incorrectly, or if a low quality model is used. The height above the ground, as well as the metal edgings and springs, can all pose the risk of injury if the child falls onto them, or off the trampoline itself. Supervising a child while they’re on a trampoline (especially if they’re new to it) is a must, but for that extra level of peace of mind, there’s a range of accessories that you can purchase that will help make trampolining a safe experience for your child.
Download our free trampoline safety checklist here.

Trampoline safety pads

Safety pads are thick, soft pads that you place around the edge of a trampoline to provide protection in case the bouncing gets too close to the edge, and the child accidentally puts their foot where the springs would be. Instead, with the safety pad, there’s a cushion to prevent any injury. A good safety pad will be thick enough to provide a full cushioning effect, and will be UV, water and mildew resistant so that they don’t degrade in the outdoors conditions that they’ll be exposed to.

Trampoline safety net

A safety net is absolutely essential for any trampoline, and its purpose is quite obvious; you set one of these up to ring around the trampoline and it will prevent the child from accidentally falling outside of the trampoline. This is the single biggest safety risk related to trampolines. A good safety net should be highly durable and robust, and should be supported by strong poles that can bear plenty of weight. It’s possible to buy the safety net with or without the poles.

Trampoline pole padding

For even greater levels of protection, it’s also possible to get pole padding, which adds a layer of cushioning to the otherwise naked poles that ring around a trampoline. Trampoline pole padding should be water and mildew resistant, in order to prevent degradation or health risks. Additionally, the foam used in the padding should be thick enough to absorb someone falling onto it, while also easy to install and remove. And it’s important that pole padding is designed in such a way that works in combination with most trampoline net designs. That way you can replace bits and pieces as needed without having to worry about compatibility.

Trampoline mats

When you purchase a new trampoline, you’ll get a trampoline mat with it. It’s a good idea to have a spare, though. Trampoline mats are designed to withstand the tough weather conditions in Australia for many years, and a good trampoline mat will be triple stitched for both safety and strength. But at the same time, trampoline mats do degrade over time – especially if used extensively – and will eventually need replacing.
Oz Trampolines supply trampoline mats that come with a two year warranty. It’s likely your trampoline mat will last far longer than that, but it’s a good idea, in order to maintain peace of mind, that you replace the mat at a frequency that is in line with the warranty period. Furthermore, if you see any visible degradation (such as fraying or tears), it’s best to replace the mat immediately.

Trampoline Ladders

Because trampolines are raised, it’s often difficult for younger children to get up onto them. A specially-designed trampoline ladder is an easy, elegant solution that saves the child from struggling to get up and into the trampoline.
A good trampoline ladder should be built of robust material, such as steel, so it can comfortably handle weight climbing up its rungs. The rungs themselves should be non-slip for additional safety, and the ladder itself should be easy to remove, both for the purposes of cleaning and maintenance, and to prevent younger children from accessing the trampoline unsupervised.

How to use a trampoline safely

After you’ve equipped your trampoline with the safety accessories mentioned above, there are a number of points to take into consideration to ensure the safe use of your trampoline.

  • A trampoline equipped with all necessary safety accessories still requires sensible use – even with an safety net and padding in place, children always need to play safely on the trampoline.
  • Establish safety rules early on. Examples are ‘shoes off on the trampoline’ and ‘only one person bouncing at a time’.
  • Always supervise young children while they’re using the trampoline.
  • Don’t bounce against the netting.
  • Aim to bounce in the middle of the trampoline.
  • It’s safest if the trampoline is used by one person at a time to avoid collision.
  • Don’t jump off the trampoline when finished.
  • If you have an old trampoline, fit it out with a new trampoline mat,trampoline prings, safety pads, netting and pole padding, or upgrade to a newer model entirely to ensure your childrens’ safety.

Safety accessories for your trampoline should make the experience of bouncing safer and more enjoyable, not get in the way. At Oz Trampolines, we’ve designed our trampoline accessories with that in mind, and you’ll soon forget the padding and nets are even there. Your child will simply be having the time of their life jumping around, and you’ll have peace of mind that your child can enjoy their trampoline safely. For more information on any of our safety equipment, how to install it, or how to get the most from your trampoline purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 393 004.

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