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Oz Trampolines - Health Benefits From Jumping

Top 15 Health Benefits From Jumping

Technology seems to be the most popular activity for kids and adults alike. The thing is — staring at a screen doesn’t involve being outside, breathing in fresh air, improving balance, or getting the heart rate going.

Improving you and your health should never be left aside – -especially when it’s as easy as having a trampoline in your backyard. Read on to learn the top 15 health benefits from a little daily bouncing.

1. It’s a complete workout

Your heart will start pumping faster than you think while jumping on a trampoline. In fact, 10 minutes jumping equals a 30-minute run, with less damage to your knees thanks to the low impact of the trampoline surface.

When using a trampoline, you’re taking 80% off the stress of your weight-bearing joints, making bouncing a great idea to prevent future pain or for less mobile people, such as seniors or those who are in physiotherapy and/or recovering from previous injuries.

By quickly stimulating your heart rate, your blood pumps faster throughout your body and the heart disease prevention and weight loss process begins.

2. It’s good for your bones

Not only will your muscles get stronger from physical activity – bones can experience it too.

Bouncing gives your bones a slight stress with the repetition of the jumping action. This exercise, three times a week, can improve your bone mineral content and therefore help you have more dense bones, which will help reduce the chances of fractures or osteoporosis.

Out of all the exercises that help prevent weaker bones (which are the ones that make you work against gravity, like jumping, jogging or walking), bouncing is the most effective and will cause the least negative impact to your bones.

3. Activates your lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is kind of like the body’s rubbish disposal organism. It is responsible for the expelling of toxins, fats, dead cells, viruses, and even cancer cells.

The lymphatic system doesn’t start on its own. It needs external stimuli or pressure to keep it going, such as muscular or breathing contraction. These contractions are intensified by the G-force (or gravitational pull), which is the force needed to “bring you back down” when you are weightless in the air.

That’s why one of the ways to put the lymphatic system in action fast (10 times faster than normal) is by jumping. As you jump, your blood circulation will start pumping and the process of getting rid of all unneeded fats and poisons will begin. It will also help boost your immune system.

4. Strengthen your muscles

Because it’s a repetitive exercise, your muscles will get stronger — specifically, your quadriceps and back muscles. Also, your abdominal muscles will gain strength. A strong core is essential for stability, balance and posture – so not only will your muscles improve, but so will these factors.

While all major muscle groups are activated with jumping, more advanced techniques like leg tucks and flips can help further strengthen your core and improve balance. Yet, these should only be attempted with supervision and are only recommended if you’re comfortable in your competency with trampoline jumping.

5. Improves your balance and coordination

Using a trampoline regularly can improve your coordination and balance. These skills are important for children to develop and for adults to maintain.

Balancing on a trampoline is not as easy as keeping your balance on hard ground. On the trampoline you experience constant movement, which makes it more challenging to stay still, forcing you to be aware of your centre of gravity at all times.

Also, the more blood flow your brain receives, the more your enzymes work, keeping you more alert and improving your reaction times. It even enhances your vision!

6. Helps develop motor skills

Jumping can also be beneficial for the development of motor skills. When we take a jump and we are in the air for a brief fraction of time, the brain must function bilaterally. This means, both sides of the brain and body have to work as a team to keep and maintain coordination.

7. Great start for less active kids

Jumping is a fun exercise and activity — it gives a nice rush feeling and motivation to try harder next time, offering and instant accomplishment sensation. Kids can also quickly escalate the learning process and try new tricks, gaining self-confidence. It’s also more likely that your child would much rather jump on a trampoline for 10 minutes than go for a 1km run.

8. Academic benefits for children

By improving motor skills, coordination, balance and muscle control — your brain develops.

Jumping also teaches persistence. It takes a while to get right a new trick on the trampoline, but because it’s so fun, your children are more likely to keep persisting until they get the results they’re after.

9. Fun

What’s better than having fun with the kids in the backyard? No need to take them to the park, you can just relax from home while your child is having healthy fun and naturally getting rid of toxins and energy. You can even encourage them to invite a friend over and have the best playdate ever.

10. Mental Health

We’ve spoken about the physical benefits of jumping, but what about the mental benefits? We’re all aware that exercise releases endorphins — making you feel happy. If you exercise regularly, stress and feelings of anxiety can reduce. Exercise also improves sleep patterns, which is very positive for boosting positive mental health.

11. Better posture

Having stronger abdominal and back muscles can help considerably with back pain and posture. Your balance will also improve as a result of having a stronger alignment of muscles. Ensure you are regularly exercising to see true improvements in your posture.

12. Improves digestion

The contraction and relaxation of muscles can help to clean the digestive system, allowing you to experience better and quicker digestion. The Gastroenterological Society of Australia states, cardiovascular exercise can strengthen muscles of the abdomen – thus stimulating the intestinal muscles to improve the flow of contents through the digestive system.

13. Reduces stress

If you add breathing exercises to your jumps, then you’ll be able to experience an amazing sensation of relaxation, stabilising the nervous system and helping you avoid physical and emotional stress as well as depression.

14. Boosts your metabolism

Constant trampoline jumping can increase your metabolic rate, helping your body to process nutrients more efficiently, helping you to keep your weight under control.

15. It’s time efficient

You don’t need long to get the heart pumping on a trampoline. And the best part, you don’t need to venture outside of your home’s vicinity to go to the gym or for a run — the equipment is right there in your backyard. So if you need a quick break from work, or the kids need a mid-homework boost, trampolining is the answer.

Check out our guide to trampoline games and exercise to discover more ways you can use your trampoline to stay fit.

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