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Things to Consider when Choosing your Child’s First Trampoline

So you’ve decided to buy your child their first trampoline. Congratulations! Purchasing a trampoline is a great decision; not only will your child love the trampoline and get years of value out of it, but it’ll also encourage them to become more active and healthy.
But what should you know when making that first trampoline purchase? After all, you also want your child to be safe and enjoy the trampoline.

Is my child old enough for a trampoline?

Generally, children under the age of three should not be using a standard, above ground backyard trampoline. Without proper climbing skills, your little one will struggle climbing in and out without assistance. If you do have a little gymnast in the family as well as an older child that wants a trampoline, then an 8ft in-ground trampoline might be the safest option. These smaller size trampolines are a much safer and more enjoyable experience for young children. Then, between the ages of four and ten, a standard backyard trampoline becomes the way to go. If your kids are older than 11 and moving into teenage years, you’ll ideally want to start with a 14ft trampoline.
Although modern trampolines are designed with exceptional safety features, if you’re still concerned about your children remaining safe while jumping, then consider purchasing an in-ground trampoline which is positioned closer to the ground.
Even despite the additional safety standards that are implemented into trampolines, it’s important that when children are young, or just playing with the trampoline for the first time, that you supervise them to make sure they’re using it safely. As your child uses the trampoline more and becomes more comfortable with using it, you can gradually ease the amount of supervision required, but never allow a small child to use a trampoline unsupervised.
At Oz Trampolines, there are a number of safety standards that we ensure all of our trampolines comply with. For more information, download our free trampoline safety checklist.

Above ground trampoline Vs. in-ground trampoline?

The type of trampoline you choose will depend on a number of factors, including your child’s age, your budget, and the size of your backyard. But one of the biggest deciding factors when purchasing a trampoline is the choice between an above ground or in-ground trampoline.

In-ground trampolines

In-ground trampolines are a good choice for families who want to focus on the aesthetics of their backyards. In-ground trampolines blend easily with the surroundings of the backyard, unlike conventional above ground models which are often a focal piece of the backyard.
In terms of safety, in-grounds are a good option as their minimum height to the ground reduces the risk of injury after a fall. There is no ladder or climbing support required for in-grounds – so small children can simply hop on and start jumping. For parents with young children, an in-ground is a great option for a first trampoline.
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Above ground trampolines

Above ground trampolines are excellent options for families that don’t want to commit to installing a trampoline into the ground, or who may want to move house down the line and need the trampoline to move with them. If your kids are a little older and keen exercisers, above ground trampolines are a great option as their elevated structure allows air to pass through underneath, increasing bounce capacity and elasticity.
For families looking for a lower-cost model, an above ground trampoline will generally be a cheaper option as there is no installation cost (i.e. no need for a retainer wall that the in-ground requires).
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What’s your budget?

Understandably, buying a quality new trampoline is quite an investment, however, at Oz Trampolines we have trampolines to suit budgets of all sizes. Generally, the smaller a trampoline is, the cheaper it will be. Our smaller,  6ft above ground trampolines start at just $399, but are equipped with all of the safety features that our larger models have, including high-density safety padding, durable polyethylene mat and sturdy frames. If you’ve got a bigger budget and are looking to get real bang for your buck, our premium quality Pinnacle trampolines are made in Europe from the best available materials and are backed by amazing warranties of up to 10 years.
Keep in mind that in-ground trampolines also involve additional installation costs.

When should I buy a trampoline?

The logical time to buy a trampoline may seem like around a birthday or Christmas, but consider the time of year carefully before doing so. In order to ensure that your child gets the most from the trampoline, you want them using it when it’s new. That way it becomes habit forming. If the trampoline sits unused when its new, chances increase that it may continue to be ignored.
The ideal time to buy a trampoline depends on where you live. If you’re in a place that gets very cold in winter, it’s unlikely the child will go out and bounce on it then. Alternatively, if you’re in the tropics, the wet season will generally prevent children from wanting to do much of anything outside.
Try and choose the period of time in the year where temperatures are at their most mild, and when your area experiences lower levels of rainfall. If that means that the trampoline needs to be an “early” gift for the child… well, they’ll still be bouncing on it when their birthday or Christmas rolls around anyway.
For more information on the wide range of trampoline options available to you, or to discuss what would be ideal for your family, be sure to contact us at Oz Trampolines.

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