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The Sport of Trampolining

Trampolining is a competitive Olympic sport which falls into the category of gymnastics.
Trampolining has only been an official Olympic sporting event since the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and involves a series of gymnastic moves performed on a trampoline mat instead of using other gymnastic apparatus.
In the London 2012 games, trampolining will take place from the 3rd of August, with one Australian representing Oz in the men’s trampolining category. Olympic trampolines feature 100 steel springs to keep the mat in place and facilitate bounce. Judges will award points based on difficulty, execution and time of flight, making penalty deductions where applicable for infringements and errors.

Trampolining builds body strength while reducing harmful impact to knees, ankles and other joints that take high impact, making them a great fitness choice.
At professional level, trampolinists train to execute technically difficult moves which should not be attempted at home. Some of the moves you can expect to see from trampolinists in the games are:
Barani – a front somersault with a half-twist.
Fliffus – a double somersault with at least a half-twist.
Triffus – a triple somersault with at least a half-twist.
Rudolph – a front somersault with 1½ twists, sometimes called a ‘Rudy’.
If you are interested in trampolining, visit http://www.gymnastics.org.au/ for more information on trampolining and how to get involved.

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