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The Coolest Accessories for Your Trampoline

A trampoline is already an active and fun addition to any backyard, but you can make it even more awesome with a number of cool accessories to get more use and excitement out of your trampoline. Here are our picks for the best accessories to add to your trampoline.

Trampoline Jet Spray / Sprinkler

What could be more fun that bouncing through the air? Bounding through a cool mist of water! Keeps the kids cool and the lawn watered with a trampoline jet spray sprinkler.
The spray features 10 spray points, perfectly positioned for maximum enjoyment with easy installation for most types of trampolines. It’s also simple to pack away over winter when you’re less likely to need it.
The jet sprays are light enough to create an enjoyable, cooling mist that won’t interfere with your bouncing, but the trampoline will get wet, so like all trampoline activities the Jet Spray should only be used with adult supervision.

Sound Bounce Trampoline Speaker

Add music and sound to your trampoline time with the Sound Bounce Bluetooth speaker. Using Bluetooth 3.0, the latest in audio technology, this durable speaker will connect to most Bluetooth enabled audio devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops to provide hours of music to dance and bounce to.
Built using lightweight waterproof silicone, the Sound Bounce can be attached in three different ways:

  • Suction Cup: For sticking to flat surfaces
  • Elastic Clip: For easy tying between the safety nets.
  • Detachable Tail: For multiple positioning around the trampolining area.

The Sound Bounce has a built in battery, an effective Bluetooth distance of 10 meters and is IPX7 certified water resistant. Keep the kids bouncing and singing all day long with this awesome trampoline accessory.

Trampoline Basketball Kits

Basketball kits are one of the coolest accessories you can buy for your trampoline, turning your bounce area into a basketball stadium for acrobatics and awesome air time. But before buying a basketball kit for your home trampoline, you need to make sure you choose the right one for your needs.

Basketball Kit For Inground Trampoline

Inground trampolines need a basketball kit with it’s own pole or stand that’s purpose built for in-ground bouncing. This kit comes with everything you need to get started, including:

  • Backboard built from strong and safe materials.
  • Spring hoop and net.
  • Mini ball.
  • Pump for keeping the ball inflated.
  • Pole and supporting clamps.

Practice your slam dunks on this awesome ring and hoop set made specifically for inground trampolines.

Trampoline Basketball Ring And Backboard

Suitable for above ground trampolines with enclosures, this basketball kit features everything you need to be the next LeBron James:

  • Safe backboard with a cool design.
  • Spring loaded safety hoop and net.
  • Mini basketball.
  • Pump.
  • Supporting clamps.

Like all trampolining activities, adult supervision is important. While the basketball hoop and backboard are made from safety materials, there’s always risks with playing high in the air, so make sure you have an adult present to supervise children while in use.

Drawing with chalk on the trampoline

Did you know that your trampoline offers the perfect surface for drawing with chalk? Simply grab a pack of chalk and turn your trampoline into an elastic canvas. Of course chalk rubs off easily so it’s simple to clean, but you can expect a mess during playtime. Still, it’s a small price to pay for the looks of delight on the kids’ faces and the chance to play at something that is both creative and active.

Turn your trampoline into a talent show

Every household has a budding performer or two who loves to dress up and entertain. With a trampoline the stage is already in place, so all you need to do is set up some seating for the audience, invite the neighbours around and commence your talent show. With a bouncy set, your children can be even more creative with their theatrics.

Turn your trampoline into a cubby house

With an above ground trampoline you’ve already got the fundamentals for making a great cubby house. Just grab a big bedsheet and throw it over the top to complete your DIY backyard cubby house.
Cubby houses are  a great to play in during the day, and on warm summer nights your kids can have sleep outs in the backyard. Grab snacks, sleeping bags and a scary story or two and you’ve got the perfect sleepover setting for a warm summer’s night. Just one of the many ways you can make the most out of your home trampoline.

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