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The 6 Step Guide to Hosting a Trampoline Party for Kids

If you’re finding yourself clutching at straws while trying to think of an idea for your child’s next birthday party, you have come to the right place. Hosting a trampoline party is a great way to keep all the kids entertained and active. Not only is it a lot of fun, but a trampoline can be set up just about anywhere, and is also a low cost and novel way to tick all the birthday party boxes. This guide will bounce through a few things to keep in mind as you prepare. It’s party time!

1) To theme, or not to theme?

No doubt you’ve already decided on having a trampoline party, but there’s still a few more things that you will need to consider. Do you want to add an extra theme? A dress up theme can provide an extra element of novelty to the party; think flying super heroes, bouncing animals, characters from kids tv shows, or anything else that catches you or your child’s fancy.

2) Invites

Next, you will need to lock down some specifics. When will the part be held, and where? Try and plan the party so that your child’s best friends will definitely be able to make it, perhaps make a few calls first before sending out invitations. Once you have decided the when and where, make sure you send out invitations with plenty of notice and include a number and date (RSVP) so that guests can let you know if they will be able to make it. Once you know who is coming you will have a good idea of what supplies you will need.

3) Games and schedule

There are a tonne of fun games that can be played at any party, but at a trampoline party the fun and excitement can be taken to the next level.

Balloon buster

It’s as simple as it sounds, but it’s also great fun! Blow up balloons and give each child a set amount of time to try and pop as many as possible, but there’s a catch – you mustn’t use your hands!

Name, fact, trick

Each child takes a turn to perform a trick that rhymes with their name on the trampoline, but the catch is that the next child must remember the trick and perform them in order. For example, the first child jumps up, ‘My name is Ben and I like butterfly’s (jumping like a butterfly)’. The next child repeats what Ben said, does the trick, and then adds their own. Kids can be very creative, go a little crazy and have a lot of fun with this one.
There’s plenty more games that can be played on trampolines, check out this article for 8 more of the best trampoline games if you are looking for even more great ideas.

4) Food

First things first, serve the food after the games, otherwise you might find yourself with some unwanted cleaning up to do. The great thing about a trampoline party is that the food and drink can be kept outside, making the clean up a lot easier. Set up two tables, one with finger food like fruit, sandwiches, cake and so on, and the other with drinks. It’s easier if you prepare the food the day before and then refrigerate. Paper plates, cups and cutlery can also make for a quicker clean up.

5) Schedule

If you’re not sure how to piece it all together here’s a sample schedule that you might like to adapt:

  • 20 minutes: Arrivals free play, unstructured activities (soccer ball, craft)
  • 45 minutes: Organised games
  • 30 minutes: Food and refreshments
  • 30 minutes: Present opening and cake
  • 30 minutes: free play and pick up

6) Safety

There’s a few things that you should keep in mind when hosting a trampoline party. First of all, make sure that the trampoline is in good condition, with no loose springs or visible damage. A net as well as safety padding is also very important in reducing the risk of injury, as is supervision and removing hazards from the area. It’s best to discourage flips and over the top tricks (especially at birthday parties), and to check the weight specifications of the trampoline. Use common sense, stay safe, but most of all, enjoy it!

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