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Should I buy a new trampoline or replace the parts on it?

This is a common question we get when talking to people over the phone.  The conversation usually starts with the person telling us that they have had their trampoline for 6-12 months and they now need to replace the trampoline parts and after calling the company they purchased the trampoline from they find it will be cheaper to buy a new trampoline.

Here are a few matters to keep in mind when deciding
The frames of the trampolines are made to last and are very strong, this is the most important part of the trampoline so you have a good base to start with and build on.
Unfortunately some companies that sell trampolines make the trampoline parts as cheaply as they can, as the trampoline industry has a lot of competitors the prices are always dropping and to be competitive they make the parts cheaply.
If you do buy a new trampoline you may be in the same situation in 6-12 months again as the Trampoline Pads and Trampoline Nets have been destroyed by the climate again.
A better alternative may be to buy quality trampoline parts that have a minimum of a 12 month warranty so ensure you are getting a quality product.
Always shop around when buying trampoline replacement parts and don’t buy the cheapest as the old saying goes – you get what you pay for.
Most parts are generic and can go on any brand trampoline but ensure you can return the parts for no restocking fee if the parts don’t fit.
If you are unsure on this please call us on 0417 404 838

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