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School Holiday Activity Ideas for the Whole Family

We all love our kids, and we love spending time with them. That being said, the holidays can cause a little bit more stress than we’re used to. When the kids are at school their needs for most of the day are taken care of, but on holidays entertaining the kids is a whole new factor that you need to account for when planning out your days.

Here are some ideas for giving the kids a great time while on holidays.

Zoos and aquariums

The zoo is a great place to take your little animals. The zoo is a wonderful spot for kids to get excited, to learn, and to get a little walking in outside as well. There’s nothing better than to see their oohs and aahs when they come across a huge giraffe, or a swimming polar bear.
Or you could also take the kids to the aquarium! They love to marvel at the beautiful colours of the underwater life that we don’t normally experience here on dry land. Aquariums are also very educational, so they’ll be able to do some learning while away from school. Make sure to check out any special shows or exhibits that might only be available during holiday periods.
Here are some zoo and aquarium options in each state’s capital city:
Taronga Zoo
Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary
Australia Zoo
Underwater World SEA LIFE Aquarium
Melbourne Zoo
Melbourne SEA LIFE Aquarium
Perth Zoo
The Aquarium of Western Australia
Darwin Crocodylus Park
Aquascene Darwin
National Zoo & Aquarium
Adelaide Zoo
Tasmania Zoo

Nature walks

This one definitely won’t break the budget. Find a nice area and take them for a stroll, and make sure to bring any dogs as well if you have any. Spend some time together talking, laughing, and catching up while enjoying being out in nature. It’s a great way to get your kids moving and up off the couch.
You could even make a “no electronics” rule for the older kids (and yourself!) during the hike, so everyone’s focus is on the scenery and each other.


This is always a favourite, especially if the weather doesn’t allow for an outdoor activity. Get everyone together and head to the theatre. Don’t forget the popcorn, either.


Everyone loves bowling, right? This one is especially fun if no one is very good. You can share lots of laughs as everyone tries not to embarrass themselves. Get the alley to set up bumpers for the little ones so that they don’t put the ball in the gutter every time.
You can compete for the best score, or just try to reach a target score. Everyone can learn the rules and work together. Make sure you have time to grab a snack or a meal at the alley and laugh about the game you just had.


The great thing about museums is that often kids don’t know how cool they are until they experience them. This is one activity where they might be complaining about having to go, but end up in awe at the cool stuff they got to see. Make sure to hit up the dinosaur exhibits, as those are always enjoyable. Frighten them with mummies, and excite them with the medieval exhibits.

Touring the city/town

Often we are so used to our hometown that we take it for granted and don’t truly experience everything it has to offer. Take a day to explore the tourist attractions in your area that you’ve never thought of experiencing. Try and see your region through the eyes of a visitor and maybe even gain a new appreciation of what your hometown has to offer.

Mini putt putt

Before they’re big and strong enough to drive 200 yards or more, get them working on their short game. Mini putt putt is fun no matter what your age or skill level is. Have fun outdoors and enjoy competing against each other.
Time off school doesn’t have to be frightening! There is so much to see and do, no matter where you live. Make sure your kids have the best holiday ever with these fun ideas.

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