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Review – Feb 9, 2012 – Kathy-Adelaide

Fantastic product and excellent service!

5 stars – Excellent

Kathy-Adelaide posted this on Feb 9, 2012
I purchased my trampoline 2 weeks before Christmas and it was delivered 2 days after I had paid for it which was fantastic!! As had been suggested I checked the parts and the pads had been stitched incorrectly with an opening to the padding inside them. I contacted the company the next day and had a great response. 2 days later the new pads were delivered to my door.
Life is such that things aren’t always perfect but when they are dealt with in the way that Oz Trampolines dealt with our issue then it is not a problem at all!! A pleasure to deal with a great company!! Would highly recommend!!

+ Easy to put up with the instructional online info- it took us an hour!! Great bounce. Strong and sturdy – great for kids and adults alike.

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