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Review – 26th July – TagCam

Our son loves his trampoline!!

5 Stars – Excellent

TAGCAM posted this on Jul 26, 2012

We struggled to decide on the right present for our son’s 11th birthday that wouldn’t lead to him spending even more time on the couch with yet another electronic device! Finally we decided to look into getting a trampoline and found they can vary in price by hundreds of dollars. When we looked at why, it seemed that quality and durability seemed to be the main difference and we realized that cheaper trampolines are usually not UV stabilized and from all reports don’t last more than a year at best. We researched the options and found that Oz Trampolines offered quality products at reasonable prices. They weren’t the cheapest (or the dearest) but we felt confident that our family would be able to enjoy our 12ft fully enclosed trampoline for years without fear of it falling apart. We also bought the extended warranty, but in hindsight if they offer it, we probably won’t need it! My husband, 14yo daughter and I put the trampoline together (in the pouring rain) in about 45 minutes. The instructions were really easy to follow but made even easier after watching the YouTube videos(highly recommend you do this). The Oz Trampolines staff were exceptionally helpful, and our delivery arrived (in Brisbane) within 2 days! Our son absolutely loves his trampoline and jumps every day! 12ft is a great size if you have the room. The kids love the numbers on the jump mat – it forms the basis for many games and activities. I would highly recommend this company and their products for people in the market for a quality trampoline that won’t fall apart in a year. And at roughly the same price as the latest gaming console I know what I’d rather my son be doing with his spare time!Purchased at: Oz Trampolines
+ Quality, durability, good value for money, YouTube videos and very helpful staff.
– Zippered entry/exit could have longer opening. Paint tends to rub off the jump mat numbers when wet.

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