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Review – 16th August – Mum of 557

Glad I shopped around

5 stars – Excellent
Mumof557 posted this on Aug 16, 2012

I needed a trampoline I could semi submerge into our sloping block so the tree swing wouldn’t hit it. I needed to be able to take out the extensions on the legs so it sat lower around the rim of the 60am pit/dish we had dug for it.
I thought I had called every trampoline place in Australia, and no one could tell me if I could shorten the legs (without actually cutting and re-soldering them back together!).
The guy from Oz Tramps went to the warehouse to open a box for me to check that it was possible with their trampolines, and it arrived from Melbourne to Sydney in a matter of days – just before easter long weekend!
It’s really huge and I liked the numbers to play games.
The paint numbers on the pad come off a little at first.

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