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Cheap trampoline pads

Replacement Trampoline Pads – Be Careful

Trampoline pads are a major component of your trampoline. We have heard so many stories of people needing to replace their trampoline pads only after 6 months.
Let me ask you do your pads look like this!
Why this happens is pads can be made from a much cheaper quality material.

Trampoline pads are normally made from PVC. Its quality is measured in grams. These pads here would have been made from PE material ( similar to what tarpaulins are made from ), and non uv treated.
Oz Trampolines use a 550gm PVC that is UV treated. So the distinct advantages are longer lasting and much more durability.
It is important to always check or ask what the trampoline pads are made of. Cheaper pads will end up costing you more in the long run as you will have to replace them more often.
Trampoline Pads - 3 Years Old
This is a photo of some Oz Trampolines Pads that were 3 years old. As you can see they have lasted quite a bit longer than the ones above.
If you have any more questions on replacement trampoline pads feel free to ask on our Facebook page.
In our coming story we will be going over the details of replacement trampoline nets.

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