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replacement trampoline net

Replacement Trampoline Net – The Good And The Bad

Safety nets for trampolines can be made in many different ways.
What we are going to discuss is why they differ.
Trampoline safety nets can be made from different materials. Some will be made from a weaker terylene style material, and others can be made from what is called a knitted PVC material.

Oz Trampolines safety nets use a high grade UV treated, non rip knitted PVC. What that means is by chance if you managed to get a hole in the net it is designed to NOT keep ripping.
You can recognize terylene nets by this picture here. It is simply a “material” style of net.
As you could imagine over time our harsh oz climate would quickly perish this net to a point where it would not be safe.
Other parts of a trampoline net that you need to look for is the quality of the zips, hooks and any attachments. Oz trampolines use a sleeve system where the safety netting is actually triple sewn into the upright sleeve. It is an enclosed sleeve so it also protects your trampoline pole padding.
It is a lot safer also for the kids, it is not simply tied onto the trampoline like some trampolines with safety nets.

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