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Replacement Parts For A Trampoline

Have you heard or felt this before? ” I bought this trampoline “x” months ago and now I find out the company doesn’t have spare parts for it. ”
That would be like buying a foreign car and not finding out if there are any mechanics that can fix it..

When looking at purchasing a trampoline always ask ” Do you carry spare parts for this trampoline? ”
Here is an extra tip: Especially when it comes to the jumping mat.
Say for example the trampoline in question is a 10ft and has 72 springs. Do a bit of ringing around or “googling” and see what other manufacturers carry.
WHY YOU ASK – Because in this instance most normal 10ft trampolines have only 64 springs. So what could happen here, is in years to come you may find yourself with a struggle to find a replacement mat.
The company may not be carrying that model anymore, and it would be quite hard to find it at any other supplier as it is not a standard size mat.
So the lesson here is to make sure spare parts are carried and that sizing etc seems to be common between other companies.
In the coming stories we will be delving into the differences of different trampoline parts.

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