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How To Recycle Your Old Trampoline

Trampolines, whether with springs or springless trampoline, are a common fixture in many a backyard across various countries.

This is because they provide an easy and convenient access to fun and outdoors physical activity all in one package. Parents can rest easy while their children have fun since modern practices and developments make trampolines safer than before.

girl jumping on trampoline

Trampolines undergo a lot of wear and tear though and combine that with the Australian heat and sun and chances are your much used trampoline will become unusable someday. Rather than throwing it away, you can make use of it in many different ways and recycle your trampoline.


This is because the material of the trampoline and its frame readily lend themselves to various multipurpose applications. If you’re confused about what to do with that old trampoline or ripped trampoline of yours then here are some excellent ideas to make the most of it:

1.   Garden

The circular frame of a trampoline is a great structure in which to build your very own mini garden or flower display. This can easily work by flipping it over and having the sides fenced or bricked. This will create an enclosed space in which you can get to work on adding the substrate, compost and soil.

This experiment will give you a much more compact and manageable form of a garden than having the whole of your lawn be one.

You can dedicate your attention exclusively to one small area and have it be the centrepiece of your lawn or backyard.

2.   Animal enclosures

If you had a particularly big one like a 14ft trampoline then you can use the structural frame of it to make an animal enclosure. This will be done by flipping it over and then adding some kind of breathable overlay like netting or mesh which can make it enclosed but allow airflow and ventilation.

Using this simple hack you can build a chicken coop or a rabbit pen or a terrarium for turtles and tortoises.

If you want to be even more ambitious and really take it up a notch then get your lawn dug. Apply some kind of structure or material around the frame of the trampoline which can hold water and then fix the frame into the freshly dug hole. You can then go on to outfit your new makeshift pond accordingly and have an outdoors underwater garden or fish pond with koi, carp and goldfish.

It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and relaxing features one can have and greatly contributes to a sense of freshness and serenity while taking a nap in the garden with your feet submerged in cool waters, being tended to by fish.

3.   Arbor

A trampoline frame cut in half and then attached to a fixed base provides a solid structure for vines and plants to take root and grow. Watch transform overtime into a lush green canopy with cool shade, perfect for those afternoon summer siestas in the garden with cool winds blowing and a glass of icy cool lemonade in your hand. There is nothing better to the imagination.

You can put in some chairs and a table and make it a perfectly little cozy spot for lunch in the garden and dazzle guests with the simplicity and beauty of it. Having a laugh and sharing food in the garden between adults while the kids are playing, can there be a more picture perfect image than that?

4.   Football

One of the main advantages of a trampoline for adults and children is that there are plenty of exercises to do on a trampoline. It is an instrument of both play and health. No one said however that exercises or positive health benefits have to come to a close with the trampoline becoming unusable.

Cut up the frame in half, cover it in net or mesh and you have a makeshift soccer goal now. Even better if you have a large enough garden and can make goals out of the 2 halves. Now your kids and their friends and cousins can play football anytime they want with proper goals and rules.

This will be more in tune with their growing sensibilities anyway as they become teenagers and begin to gravitate away from a trampoline. This is an excellent repurposing for a recycled trampoline.

5.   The Canvas

So far we have been talking about how to use the frame for various other purposes but the truth is the canvas or material of the trampoline has a lot of uses too, even after is unfit for jumping.

The material of a trampoline is impermeable and doesn’t allow water to pass through, it is thus excellent for makeshift tents particularly if it is big enough. It can be easily fixed to a tent frame and now you can have your own camping trips without the expense of having to buy a tent. Similarly it can be used as a tarp for the car.

One of the best things you can do to recycle a trampoline canvas is to make a simple hammock, one of the simplest pleasures in fiction: taking a nap in the cool summer breeze under the shade of trees on a hammock. The canvas can be used as a projection screen for movies and the sort.


These are just some of the uses of how to use trampoline frames and canvases long after they are rendered unfit for conventional use. This is not even an exhaustive list and you can find many other such convenient, simple yet life changing applications of trampoline materials.

You need not even buy a new trampoline if you do not want to! You might come across used trampolines for sale you can dismantle and try your hand at any of these DIY experiments, but if you’re in the market for a new one, head on over to OZ Trampolines! Apart from having the best and latest range in trampolines we also have a sale going on so take advantage of the benefits today!

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