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Our Rectangular Trampoline Pads will fit all Rectangular Trampolines

Rectangular Trampolines Pads in the past have been a real issue to supply due to the  large number of different size trampolines on the market.  6 months ago Oz Trampolines developed a world first in trampoline pads, a pad that can be custom fitted to any rectangular trampoline.
The way this works is that we supply you with a 12 meter roll of  padding,  this padding is different to normal padding as there is a small section in the pads every 30 cms that has no pads just material so the pads can be cut.

Simply roll out the pads along your trampoline frame and cut the padding off once you reach the end of the frame.  Each section of padding has elastic ties stitched to it so you can then attach the trampoline pads to the frame.

Repeat this same process for the 3 other sides and in a matter of 10 minutes your trampoline can be safely used again.
The trampoline pads are made to the highest quality standards, using 550g PVC material,the same as we use on our round trampoline pads, a quality material that no one else in Australia uses.  We also have our standard 12 month warranty with the option for $15 to upgrade to 2 years that will cover you from any weather damage or manufacturing faults in that time.
The longest warranty in Australia as we know our trampoline parts are tough and will last in the Oz climate.
We are currently developing a rectangular safety net that will fit any rectangular trampoline so look out for that part once it hits the market.  If you have any questions regarding the rectangular trampoline pads feel free to call us on 03 5222 4440 or email us at sales@oztrampolines.com.au

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