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Rectangle Trampoline

Rectangle Trampoline – Does This Suit You

So you are wondering whether to buy a rectangle trampoline or a round one?
At the shops or online you have seen ” Rectangle Trampolines For Sale “. So now is the time to decide. Obviously the differences are the shape and size.
A rectangle trampoline will quite often suit people with a narrow or small yard. Lets take an 8ft x 12ft trampoline for the example. If you have a narrow courtyard backyard, this can be perfect.

The advantages over a round trampoline in this instance is you don’t need to settle for an 8ft trampoline. It allows you to maximize your space for the kids to do their trampolining.
For kids that need that bit bigger area to do flips, or practise gymnastics, they still get to enjoy it on rectangle trampolines.

How do they compare on bounce?

Depending on the manufacturer, the bounce is very comparable. Oz Trampolines range of Rectangle Trampolines have a great bounce, as they are now made with a double framed side bars. This produces a very sturdy and solid frame.
With a cheap trampoline with only single bars you may find the sides flexing in or out, what this will do is lessen the bounce on the trampoline.
Some important factors when deciding on which size trampoline to purchase were stated in our story on Round Trampolines
Next up we will be discussing what accessories for trampolines are available and included.

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