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Rebounder Trampolines

A rebounder is a smaller version of a trampoline, sometimes called a mini trampoline and can be used for aerobic exercise. Rebounders are very portable and can fit into the boot of most cars, even smaller cars, without disassembling.

What are the health benefits of rebounding?

Exercising with a rebounder has many health benefits such as building body strength without the impact of other forms of exercise.

Rebounding is a safe way to burn calories and improve balance and coordination.

Rebounding can improve blood and oxygen circulation.

According to the Healthy Cell Concept formulated by Al Carter, exercise such as rebounding  can increase immunity to illness.

Where can I get a rebounder?

Oz Trampolines stock rebounding trampolines that are strong and feature a UV protected protected mat so your work out is not limited to indoor use.

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