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How to Protect your Trampoline from Snow: A Winter Care Guide

Will snow ruin a trampoline is one of the most common questions that are asked. The answer of this question highly depends on various factors but broadly speaking – no, snow will not ruin your trampoline IF you take proper care of it.

Since trampolines are heavy, expensive, and complex to set-up, many people don’t want to risk them falling prey to harsh weather conditions. Snow can pile up on your trampoline and make it unusable throughout the season so you may think the safe option is to cover it up and leave it be.

But why ruin the trampoline fun for your children just because it’s the winter season? In fact, it’s more fun to jump and warm up on a trampoline in winters as children are able to release their energy instead of just sitting indoors beside the fire.

The effect of snow on trampolines can be devastating and hard to clean-up but all you need to know is how to protect the trampoline in winter. Before going towards the winter care guide, here’s everything you need to know about how and why heavy snowfall can affect your trampoline.

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Effects of Snow on Trampolines

Snow and its effects on a trampoline totally depend on the region you are living in. If you are living in a region where you experience heavy snowfall for long hours, your trampoline can be ruined or even break.

This is because heavy snow builds up on the surface of the trampoline. With the heavy snow and wetness, the springs on the trampoline mat can overstretch and cause them to lose their elasticity. For such regions, you need rigorous cleaning and maintenance of trampolines throughout winter. You could even keep them inside or set them up indoors to avoid the risks altogether.

For those regions where there is only mild snowfall, your trampolines are less likely to get ruined. But still, winter maintenance is essential given the strong winds.

Strong, dry winds can also affect a trampoline, especially if it’s not anchored down to the ground. You really don’t want to wake up to find your trampoline turned upside down or on your neighbor’s fence. Trampoline anchors and covers are necessary in winter.

Winter Care Tips

If you want your kids to enjoy trampolines in winters just as much as any other season, this winter care guide will help you secure your trampoline and make them fun all year long.

1.    Regular Maintenance

Whether your region experiences heavy or light snowfall, regular maintenance of trampolines is essential. Regular maintenance includes cleaning it thoroughly, especially after every rainfall or snowfall.

In winters, if there are strong, dry winds, you must clean your trampoline afterwards so that the dirt doesn’t stay there or find its way inside to the springs. Any wetness or moisture should also be cleaned up so that it doesn’t reach the springs and rust them.

Professional cleaners can be hired to help you maintain your trampoline.

2.    Brushing Off the Snow

If you brush off the snow as soon as it falls on the trampoline mat, it will save your trampoline to a great extent. Snow will likely get inside the trampoline springs when it is left there for a long time. Brushing it off immediately will save the springs and mats.

3.    Disassemble

To avoid all kinds of risks and hassles of cleaning and maintaining, you may want to disassemble the trampoline altogether during the snowfall season.

It also depends on the quality of your structure and how resistant the manufacturer says it is in winter. Most trampolines today are made of durable, rust-resistant materials, which make them strong enough to withhold harsh weather.

It’s also about personal preference. If you feel you don’t want your children to play out in the winter or take a risk with your trampoline, you may just disassemble it until winter is over. When disassembling, only detach the mat, springs, safety netting, and soft frame and leave the frame metal and all poles outside.

If you don’t have enough storage space to store it, you can just cover it.

4.    Trampoline Covers

There are trampoline weather covers available for all sizes, whether it’s a 10ft trampoline or a 15ft one. The trampoline cover for winter protects the jumping pad so that it isn’t affected by weathering.

However, you have to be careful about how you cover your trampoline for winter. If there is moisture trapped inside the cover, it may allow mildew to grow. So, if you choose to put a cover on it, remember to check on it regularly. You should remove the cover every week and dry out the trampoline before putting it back on.

Final Verdict

Essentially, you just can’t let the fear of snow ruining your trampoline be a reason to stop your kids from having fun. A trampoline in winters adds to the joy and excitement as the weather is pleasant, it helps them warm up, and well, winter indoors is just boring!

There are many ways to take care of your trampoline in winter, so you don’t have to deprive your kids of that fun. A cover is the cheapest and most feasible way to protect your trampoline when it rains or snows heavily.

With other basic tips, you can save your trampoline and get through the rough weather smoothly.

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