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Make Someone Feel Special with Our Princess Trampoline Tents

Inspire your child with our magical Oz Trampolines Princess Trampoline Tent.
This cleverly designed tent is pink, shiny and encourages imaginative play- just perfect for little princesses.
Some perfect princess themed games to play in your tent:
-Pass the magic wand: Similar to pass the parcel, encourage the game of pass the magic wand, making sure the little princess it lands on gets to make a wish.

-Draw your favourite princess- From Jasmine, to Anna to Sleeping Beauty, encourage your child’s creativity by drawing their favourite princess in chalk on the trampoline mat. Easy to remove with warm water afterwards, and fun and mess free way to have fun.
-Princess Jumping- Encourage your child to jump with their best princess move, from a curtsy to a bow, such a fun idea for jumping.
-Dress Up- Have fun by dressing up in your favourite princess outfit, making sure to twirl and dance around the trampoline.
-Statues- listening to your favourite princess songs, play statues by freezing every time the music stops, but don’t forget to sing along.
And lastly what princess tent is complete without a Princess tea party?- Enjoy a yummy treat including cupcakes, sandwiches, fruit and biscuits!

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